Chris Watts writes ‘racy’ letters to women from prison, responding to their sexy pictures.

DENVER, COLORADO: Chris Watts, the notorious killer who murdered his wife, two daughters, and himself in 2018, is said to have been in contact with a number of women for years. Now, a jail source has revealed to a media outlet that the 37-year-old is writing some of these women “racy” letters.

The source, who has spoken with Watts numerous times in jail, tells People that “They send sexy pictures, and he responds.” Many women believe that he is attractive and misunderstood. Watts is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison and has purchased a lot of stamps and paper from the commissary. They send a lot of letters. As long as there are no dangers to anyone’s safety, communicating with the prisoners is completely legal. Pornography is not permitted for inmates to receive or send, but there are no restrictions on seductive photos.

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