Clever Canine Leads Brave Escape Amidst Fierce Storm – A Tale of Unbreakable Bond


Heartwarming Reunion: Dogs Safely Return Home As Atlantic Storm Lee Hits Massachusetts

In a heartwarming story amidst the chaos caused by Atlantic Storm Lee in Massachusetts, two lost dogs were miraculously reunited with their owner. Their escape from home could have easily ended in tragedy as the storm brought heavy rain, strong winds, and high seas to the area. However, against all odds, these brave dogs found their way back just as the storm hit the region.

The Impact of Atlantic Storm Lee

Lee, a powerful storm, made landfall in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Saturday. With sustained winds of 70 mph, the storm was almost equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane. Its massive size caused widespread impacts, including power outages and downed trees, even in areas hundreds of miles away from its landfall. One of the affected regions was Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of south Massachusetts.

A Daring Escape and a Happy Ending

Amidst the looming storm, two dogs managed to escape from their home on Saturday afternoon. These adventurous canines were found wandering the streets of Martha’s Vineyard, creating a sense of urgency to bring them to safety. Fortunately, just as Lee brought severe weather to the island, the dogs were reunited with their owner, ending the ordeal on a positive note.

The Power of Social Media

The heartwarming reunion was made possible by the power of social media. The Massachusetts State Police published a Facebook post with a picture of the two wet dogs in the back of a police cruiser, seeking help to find their owner. The post quickly gained attention and was shared by Edgartown Animal Control, eventually reaching the rightful owner. This heartwarming story highlights the positive impact of social media in connecting people and reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Bartlet, a black Lab, and Gordie, a red Lab, are kept safely in the back of a police cruiser before being reunited with their owner on Saturday. The siblings were found wandering the streets of Martha’s Vineyard as Storm Lee approached.
Massachusetts State Police

The Owner’s Perspective

Drew Mondry, the relieved owner, expressed his gratitude in a Facebook comment on the Massachusetts State Police post. He shared the details of the reunification and humorously mentioned that Bartlet, the 5-year-old black Labrador, was the alleged “ringleader” behind their escape plan. Mondry joked about Bartlet’s innocence, making light of the situation. He thanked the officer on the scene for promptly rescuing the dogs and appreciated the community for their support.

Caring for Pets During Natural Disasters

Strong storms like hurricanes can have devastating impacts on pets, especially those trapped in vulnerable situations. During the floods in Montpelier, Vermont, a compassionate pet lover went to great lengths to save the shelter cats in her business. She cut holes into the floor to allow floodwaters to drain into the basement, ensuring the safety of the animals.

Similarly, hurricanes often lead to pets being separated from their owners, as many evacuation shelters don’t accept animals. Tragically, during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, an estimated 104,000 pets were left behind, with only a fraction being rescued, according to a report by USA Today. It’s crucial to have plans in place to safeguard pets during natural disasters and to raise awareness about the importance of including them in evacuation procedures.

The heartwarming story of the two lost dogs serves as a reminder of the resilience and loyalty of our four-legged friends. It also highlights the power of community, social media, and quick action during times of crisis. As we face the challenges brought by severe weather events, let’s not forget the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of our beloved pets.

Newsweek reached out to Drew Mondry on Facebook for further comments and insights regarding the heartwarming reunion.


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