Dillon Danis playfully mocks Logan Paul’s sculpted figure: ‘You opted out of Olympic-level drug testing!’


Dillon Danis taunts Logan Paul for avoiding Olympic-style drug testing

In the lead up to their highly-anticipated boxing match on October 14, Dillon Danis took a jab at Logan Paul’s reluctance to undergo Olympic-style drug testing. Danis suggested that Paul’s impressive muscular physique may be the reason behind his refusal to submit to the stringent testing protocols. Logan Paul, known for his dedication to physical fitness and rigorous workouts, vehemently denied the accusation. Let’s dive deeper into this controversy and compare the physique of both fighters.

Dillon Danis takes a jibe at Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s physical condition is undeniably impressive, showcasing well-defined muscles that convey a sense of diligent preparation and ongoing dedication to maintaining peak shape ahead of their upcoming battle. However, in a tweet from August, Dillon Danis insinuated that Paul’s muscular physique may not be the result of entirely “clean” methods.

Responding to Logan Paul’s physique, Danis remarked, “It makes sense why you turned down Olympic-style drug testing. You juice head, all that muscle mass — you’ll gas in that ring.” This comment raised eyebrows and added another layer of controversy to the build-up of their boxing match.

Comparing Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s physique

When it comes to physical appearance, Logan Paul seems to be ahead in every aspect. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 93 kg, whereas Dillon Danis measures 6 feet and weighs 82 kg. However, when it comes to their fight records, Dillon Danis has a clear advantage, with a 2-0 record compared to Logan Paul’s 0-1 record.

Logan Paul’s physique is meticulously sculpted, with well-defined muscles that are easily noticeable. On the other hand, Dillon Danis exhibits a more relaxed physique with less pronounced muscle definition. His musculature doesn’t appear as prominent or as conspicuous compared to his opponents.

In a recent interview, Logan Paul attributed his impressive physique to his rigorous workout routine. He explained, “I go hard, I’ve been working hard this camp, I said I’ve not been training, I’m training hard and pretending that Dillon Danis is Floyd Mayweather.” It seems that Paul’s physical condition is a product of intense preparation and dedication.

As the boxing match draws closer, the controversy surrounding Logan Paul’s physique and Dillon Danis’ taunts only add to the anticipation of this highly-anticipated showdown. Fans from around the world will eagerly await the moment when these two fighters step into the ring and settle their differences.

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