Discover Kate Middleton’s Mesmerizing ‘Iconic’ Curtsies – A Viral Video Worth Watching!


The Viral TikTok Video of Princess Kate’s Royal Curtsies:

Princess Kate, also known as the Princess of Wales, has recently become the star of a viral social media video on TikTok. This video showcases an edited compilation of her most famous curtsies, capturing the fascination of viewers across the internet. Let’s delve into the details of this viral phenomenon and explore the significance of curtsies in the royal family.

Kate’s Royal Life and Curtsies

Throughout her royal life, Kate has performed numerous curtsies in front of crowds and news cameras. One of the most prominent curtsies was her first as a member of the monarchy, which took place on her wedding day to Prince William in 2011. This significant moment captured the attention of people worldwide.

The Rising Fascination with Royal Curtsies

Over the past year, royal curtsies have become a subject of increasing fascination. This fascination was further sparked by Meghan Markle’s discussion of curtsies in her Netflix docuseries with Prince Harry in December. Meghan faced backlash after describing her initial thoughts on curtsying to Queen Elizabeth II and performing an exaggerated version of the gesture for Netflix viewers.

Since then, curtsies have gained significant attention on various social media channels. Both Meghan and Kate, along with other beloved royal figures like Princess Diana, Princess Anne, and Queen Elizabeth (when she was a princess herself), have become the subjects of viral posts showcasing their curtsies past and present.

The Tradition and Practice of Curtsies

Curtsies are reverential gestures offered by female members of the royal family to the king and queen. It involves a bow or bending of the knees and is performed twice each day when they meet face to face. The first curtsy is offered upon the initial meeting, and the second is done when saying goodbye.

While curtsies are observed in different societies around the world, they are most commonly associated with royalty. In Britain, there is no formal expectation for members of the public to perform this gesture. However, many individuals voluntarily choose to curtsy out of respect for the royal family.

The Viral TikTok Clip of Kate’s Curtsies

A viral video, uploaded to TikTok by user xo.royalfamily.xo on September 15, showcases Kate’s curtsies to Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III, and King Abdullah II of Jordan over the past 12 years. The first curtsy featured in the clip was offered by Kate to Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day at Westminster Abbey in 2011. It is customary for royal brides and grooms to curtsy and bow to the monarch during weddings.

Another captivating moment captured in the video was Kate’s Christmas curtsies as the queen’s car departed from St. Mary Magdalen church in Sandringham, Norfolk. These Christmas curtsies have been a subject of intense fan interest throughout the years.

The video also includes footage of Kate’s curtsy to King Abdullah II of Jordan during a trip to Jordan for the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein. Her curtsies to both King Abdullah and Queen Rania were captured on camera, adding to the significance of this viral video.

Reception and Praise

The viral TikTok video of Kate’s curtsies has gained immense popularity among royal fans. So far, it has been viewed over half a million times on the platform and has received more than 39,000 likes along with numerous comments. Many comments have praised the princess for her iconic curtsies and expressed admiration for her future role as Queen.

One user said, “She always has the most iconic curtsies.” Another user shared their anticipation for Kate’s future status, stating, “Once William and her become King and Queen, she will never have to curtsy to anyone ūü•ļ”, while another comment read, “Born to be Queen.”

Overall, this viral video has captivated the attention of social media users and showcased the grace and elegance of Kate’s curtsies.

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