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Government Grants Provide Relief for Financially Vulnerable Individuals

The UK government is taking measures to assist some of the country’s most financially vulnerable individuals as the nation battles high energy prices and inflation. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt introduced a range of initiatives last year, allowing those who qualify for multiple payments to potentially receive over £1,000. In this article, we will break down this year’s payments, eligibility criteria, and expected payment dates.

Low Income Cost of Living Payment

As part of the government’s efforts, individuals who receive specific benefits are eligible for a £900 cost of living payment. This payment is an extension of the £650 issued in 2022. The following benefits qualify individuals for the payment:

– Universal Credit
– Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
– Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
– Income Support
– Pension Credit
– Working Tax Credit
– Child Tax Credit

The £900 payment is being distributed in three instalments. The first payment of £301 was issued between April and May, with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) stating that the next payment can be expected in the autumn. The second payment will be worth £300, and the third and final instalment of £299 will be sent out in the spring of 2024.

The varying amounts of the payments aim to facilitate tracking by the DWP and HMRC to minimize fraud risks.

Please note that while it is likely that the autumn payment will be made by the end of November, there is no guarantee. Stay informed by regularly checking for updates from the government and signing up for email alerts on their website.

It’s important to highlight that these payments, like last year’s £650 support, are tax-free and do not count towards the benefit cap. They also don’t impact existing benefit awards.

Pensioner Cost of Living Payment

Individuals entitled to a winter fuel payment for 2023-24 will receive an additional £150 or £300. This payment will be issued starting in November. The total amount, including the pensioner cost of living payment, depends on the individual’s birthdate and circumstances during the qualifying dates. To be eligible, individuals must have been born before 25th September 1957. The DWP will update its guidance with the qualifying dates soon and send individuals a letter in October or November, informing them of the amount they will receive.

Disability Cost of Living Payment

Earlier this year, individuals who receive certain benefits were granted a £150 payment. These benefits include:

– Attendance Allowance
– Constant Attendance Allowance
– Disability Living Allowance for Adults
– Disability Living Allowance for Children
– Personal Independence Payment
– Adult Disability Payment (in Scotland)
– Child Disability Payment (in Scotland)
– Armed Forces Independence Payment
– War Pension Mobility Supplement

To receive the payment, individuals must have been receiving one of these benefits by 1st April 2023. The payment was distributed between 20th June and 4th July. If eligible individuals did not receive the payment, they can report a missing payment by following the appropriate process outlined on the government’s website.

In conclusion, the UK government’s ongoing grants provide critical relief for individuals facing financial vulnerability caused by high energy prices and inflation. The low income cost of living payment, pensioner cost of living payment, and disability cost of living payment all aim to ease financial burdens for those who qualify. Stay informed about the payment schedule and eligibility criteria by regularly checking the government’s updates and signing up for email alerts.


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