Discover the captivating tale of the enigmatic aviator, Chris Rushing, tragically lost in a daredevil crash at the awe-inspiring Reno air show.


VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA: Tragedy Strikes as Two Pilots Lose Their Lives in a Plane Collision at National Championship Air Races

In a devastating incident at the National Championship Air Races in Nevada’s Reno-Stead Airport, two experienced pilots, Chris Rushing and Nick Macy, lost their lives when their planes collided during an attempt to land at the conclusion of the T-6 Gold race on Sunday, September 17.

The collision occurred around 2:15 pm and left the aviation community and spectators in shock. Rushing, the president of the Condor Squadron Officer’s and Airmen’s Association in Van Nuys, and Macy from Tulelake in Northern California were highly celebrated for their expertise and contributions to the racing family.

Chris Rushing and Nick Macy were the victims

Chris Rushing and Nick Macy, both renowned pilots, tragically lost their lives in the aviation accident during the T-6 Gold race. Their unexpected demise deeply affected Fred Telling, the chairman of the Reno Air Racing Association, who considered them not just integral members of the racing family but his own.

Telling expressed his devastation, stating, “I am completely devastated and heartbroken today. These two pilots weren’t just an integral part of the National Championship Air Race family, they were a part of my family.” The tight-knit aviation community mourned the loss of two passionate and talented individuals.

Fortunately, no spectators were injured in the crash, but the incident serves as a tragic reminder of the risks associated with air races and the importance of maintaining the highest safety standards.

Chris Rushing’s dedication to honoring veterans through the skies

Chris Rushing, a former aircraft mechanic with the California National Guard, played a significant role in promoting the history and legacy of the AT-6 Texan trainer plane from the World War II era. Apart from his involvement in air races, Rushing actively participated in flyovers across Southern California on special occasions.

Rushing’s passion for flying the AT-6 Texan allowed him to pay tribute to military veterans on significant days such as Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day. During these flyovers, Rushing felt honored to be able to recognize the sacrifice and bravery of those who served in the military.

The Condor Squadron, founded in 1965 at Van Nuys Airport, not only serves as a Civil Air Patrol search-and-rescue unit but also aims to preserve the history of the AT-6 Texan. This iconic aircraft, known for its role in World War II, has also graced the silver screen in various movies.

In addition to their flying endeavors, the squadron maintains museum sites at Van Nuys Airport and the Portal of The Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation at Valhalla Cemetery in Burbank. These sites serve as a testament to the squadron’s commitment to honoring aviation history and the contributions of military personnel.

The Reno Air Racing Association is currently working closely with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate the cause of the collision and ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future. The FAA has not yet provided any official comments regarding the accident, but an in-depth review is expected to shed light on the circumstances that led to the unfortunate outcome.

The loss of Chris Rushing and Nick Macy has left a void in the aviation community, and their contributions to air racing and honoring veterans will be deeply missed. Their passion for flying and dedication to preserving aviation history will continue to inspire future generations of pilots. May their souls rest in peace.

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