Discover the enduring love: Unveiling MAFS UK’s eternal couples! Find out which Married at First Sight contestants continue their fairytale romance.


Shake off your best dress: Married at First Sight is back.

The unorthodox dating series sees a cast of singles looking for love matched by a panel of relationship experts.

New couples meet for the first time on their wedding day, which involves a non-binding ceremony, speeches, bridal gowns, guests, and cake.

The series then follows them as they embark upon different “challenges”, such as meeting friends and family and making the decision of whether to stay together or not.

This year’s singles include a florist, a tennis coach, and the series’ first transgender contestant.

And, at a whopping 36 episodes, this will be Married at First Sight’s longest run to date.

Which Married at First Sight UK contestants are still together?

With multiple spin-off versions of the hit reality TV show, we’ve been looking back at the UK singles who have found love through Married at First Sight – and made it last.

Zoe Clifton and Jenna Robinson (2022)

Zoe and Jenna made history as the first lesbian couple on Married at First Sight, when they coupled up during the 2022 season of the show, becoming fan favorites.

The pair are still together, with Zoe referencing in a recent social media post that their “real” wedding was “going to cost me a fortune”, suggesting that the future is looking rosy for the couple.

Zoe also gave some advice to upcoming cast members of the 2023 series, saying: “Whatever your outcome, try and breathe it in.”

She added: “You could be right in the center of the best year of your life, failing that you’ll learn so much about yourself if you’re open to [it]. Happy TV anniversary, the better half of the lesbos,” she added.

Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria (2021)

Adam and Tayah are still going strong, after welcoming their first child into the world in October 2022 and adopting a cockapoo named River.

The 2021 contestants daughter, Beau, is the show’s first MAF baby, while wedding plans that were put on hold after her arrival appear to have picked up, with Tayah confirming in a July Instagram post that she had got her wedding dress.

Owen Jenkins and Michelle Walder (2020)

Schoolteacher Michelle and IT manager Owen are also still going strong and expecting their first child together in December.

The pair, who have lasted longer than any of the program’s other marriages, officially wed in March 2020, before spending the lockdown together.

Michelle admitted she was “petrified” upon seeing Owen at the altar, but that he made her feel at ease.

“He had a very calming presence around him and, in that moment, he was just everything I needed,” she told the Daily Mail.

And despite the unusual beginning to their relationship, Owen added: “As far as I am concerned, all these months on, we’re just an ordinary married couple.”

How can I watch the new series of Married at First Sight UK?

Married at First Sight UK experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will return for another series (Channel 4 Copyright: Matt Monfredi)

The new series of Married at First Sight starts at 9pm on Monday 18 September on E4 and All 4.

The first installment is an hour and will reveal the first couples.

In previous seasons, new episodes have aired Monday to Thursday each week.


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