Discover the Extraordinary Legacy That Inspired Riley Keough’s Daughter’s Name – Unveiling the Special Family Connection Behind It


Understanding the Special Family Meaning Behind Riley Keough’s Daughter’s Name

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, has experienced her fair share of challenges and heartbreak throughout her life. While her childhood wasn’t as glamorous as one might expect, Keough has faced adversity with strength and resilience. From her parents’ divorce when she was just five years old to struggling with anxiety and the devastating loss of her brother to suicide in 2020, she has navigated through difficult times. The grief she experienced after Benjamin’s death was overwhelming, and she described it as feeling like she was thrown into an ocean without knowing how to swim. Even in 2022, she continues to remember and miss him every day.

Despite the hardships she has faced, Keough found joy in starting her own family secretly in 2022. While her relationship with her grandmother Priscilla Presley may have been fractured following the death of her mother Lisa Marie in 2023, Keough still wanted to honor her family in naming her firstborn child. In this article, we explore the unique family meaning behind Riley Keough’s daughter’s name and share everything we know about her so far.

Riley Keough’s Daughter’s Sentimental Name

In 2015, Riley Keough married Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen. In September 2023, she revealed to Vanity Fair that they had become parents without public knowledge. Keough introduced their daughter, Tupelo Storm Smith-Petersen, to the world and shared the sweet family tribute hidden within her name. Tupelo, her first name, pays homage to Elvis Presley’s birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi. Additionally, her middle name, Storm, is a heartfelt tribute to Keough’s late brother, Benjamin Storm Keough. She described their connection as profound, saying, “We were very connected and very similar. He was much quicker and wittier and a little smarter than me.”

However, Keough had hoped to keep the meaning of her daughter’s name a secret. She had chosen it before the release of the movie “Elvis,” thinking it was not a well-known word or name associated with her family. Unfortunately, when the movie came out, the name Tupelo gained attention, foiling Keough’s intentions. Despite this unexpected publicity, Keough remains proud of her daughter’s meaningful name.

In terms of appearance, Keough jokingly shared that her daughter looks like a mini version of her husband, saying, “She’s literally like someone shrunk my husband, and that’s our baby.”

What We Know About Riley Keough’s Daughter

Initially, Riley Keough kept her daughter’s name and existence private, wanting to maintain some semblance of privacy amidst her family’s public life. However, circumstances changed when she had to write a eulogy for her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, in January 2023. Due to her emotional state, Keough’s husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, read the eulogy on her behalf and surprised everyone by announcing that they had secretly become parents. Keough expressed her hope to love her daughter the way her mother loved her and her siblings.

In March of the same year, Keough confirmed the news during an interview with Interview magazine. She added a touch of suspense by teasing that she had become a mother in 2022 and that the exclusive revelation would soon go viral.

Although Keough hasn’t shared many details about her daughter, she did disclose to Vanity Fair in September 2023 that Tupelo was born via a surrogate in August 2022. Keough explained that her decision was influenced by her autoimmune issues, specifically her struggle with Lyme disease. Being aware of the potential risks associated with her condition, including muscle weakness, arthritis, and numbness, she opted for a surrogate to ensure her baby’s well-being.

In admiration of the selflessness displayed by surrogates, Keough referred to their act as cool and incredible. She expressed gratitude for their assistance, acknowledging that while she could carry a child, it wasn’t the best choice given her health concerns.

While the details about Riley Keough’s daughter may be limited, her sentimental name and the love she shares with her family are undoubtedly special. Keough’s journey through grief and her decision to start her own family show her strength and resilience, making her a role model for others facing similar challenges.


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