Discover the Latest on Ramzan Kadyrov’s Fate: Unveiling the Truth and Unanswered Questions


The Speculation Surrounding the Health of Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov

Speculation continues to mount over the health of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov amid reports that he is seriously ill or even dead. Kadyrov has ruled the predominantly Muslim southern Russian republic of Chechnya with an iron fist since 2007. Known for his fierce loyalty to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has faced numerous accusations of human rights abuses and repression from international groups.

Kadyrov’s Rule and Role in the War in Ukraine

During his tenure, Kadyrov’s units have played a significant role in the war in Ukraine. However, he has been critical of Russia’s conduct in the conflict without directly mentioning Putin. This has demonstrated his independence and willingness to voice his concerns, despite his allegiance to the Russian president.

Rumors and Reports on Kadyrov’s Health

Last week, rumors about Kadyrov’s health gained momentum when Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov stated that the Chechen leader had been sick “for a long time” with “systemic health problems.” Online Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel reported that Kadyrov had fallen into a coma and had been flown to Moscow for treatment. It was later revealed that he had undergone a kidney transplant and was in critical condition.

Adding to the intrigue, a report from the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel claimed that Kadyrov had accused his personal doctor of poisoning him. While there is no evidence to support this allegation, it has contributed to the mystery surrounding his health. Ukrainian interior ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko also mentioned the possibility of severe kidney failure or poisoning as the cause of Kadyrov’s health issues, further fueling speculation.

Unconfirmed Reports and Videos

Unconfirmed reports of Kadyrov’s passing have also surfaced. Chechen rights activist Abubakar Yangulbaev wrote on his Telegram channel that Kadyrov had died, without providing further information. Additionally, a Russian-language Telegram channel with a significant number of subscribers reported his death, as did a Ukrainian outlet. However, none of these sources have provided proof or corroborating information.

Adding to the mystery, videos posted on Kadyrov’s Telegram channel over the weekend show him walking in an unspecified location. These clips have not been independently verified, but their release has generated increased interest in Kadyrov’s movements.

Insights from Observers and Experts

Observers and experts have shared their insights into Kadyrov’s health situation. Alexei Venediktov, the former editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow radio station, stated on his Telegram channel that Kadyrov is suffering from severe renal failure and requires frequent dialysis, which is taking place at a hospital in Moscow.

Russian Telegram channels have reported sightings of vehicles with Chechen number plates entering the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow, where Kadyrov is allegedly undergoing examination and treatment. These reports suggest that Kadyrov’s health requires thorough medical attention.

Despite the growing speculation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Kadyrov’s health is not a matter for the Russian president, and the presidential administration cannot issue health certificates.


The speculation surrounding the health of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov continues to captivate attention and generate rumors. While reports indicate that he is seriously ill, including undergoing a kidney transplant, the exact nature of his condition remains unclear. As rumors swirl and unconfirmed reports circulate, the world awaits official confirmation or denial of Kadyrov’s health status.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the speculations and reports available at the time of writing and does not claim to provide conclusive information on the health of Ramzan Kadyrov.


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