Discover the Mighty Protector: Philly’s West Steak House Employs Machine Gun-Wielding Guards Amidst Citywide Turmoil


Jim’s West: The Controversial Cheesesteak Joint with Heightened Security Measures

Jim’s Steaks in West Philadelphia has become a hot topic lately, due to its famous cheesesteak, legal disputes, and increased security measures. The owner of the establishment, Carl Proetto, recently filed for an emergency injunction against the co-owner, Cortez Johnson, whom he had sold the business to. As the city of Philadelphia grapples with drug-related violence, Jim’s Steaks has taken matters into their own hands by reopening with armed guards. Let’s delve into the history of Jim’s Steaks and explore the controversy surrounding this iconic cheesesteak joint.

The History of Jim’s Steaks

Jim’s Steaks first opened its doors in West Philadelphia in 1939. Over the years, the business expanded and changed ownership multiple times. William Proetto and his brother acquired the original location in 1966, later opening additional branches on South Street and in Northeast Philadelphia. The most recent location in Delaware County opened in 2009, just two years before Proetto’s passing. Earlier this year, Cortez Johnson acquired the West Philadelphia location from the Proetto Sons and took over operations.

Heightened Security Measures

With the rise in drug-related violence and concerns for customer safety, Jim’s Steaks implemented new security measures. Customers now line up while being watched by highly armed guards. The armed personnel, all with military, police, or law enforcement backgrounds, ensure the safety of customers and deter crime. The increased security presence aims to give customers peace of mind while enjoying their cheesesteaks.

Controversy and Community Response

While some customers appreciate the necessity of the heightened security measures, others express concern about the city’s reputation and the need for armed guards. Nearby businesses, like a gas station, have also implemented similar security measures. Despite the controversy, the introduction of armed guards seems to have decreased incidents within the vicinity of Jim’s Steaks. However, the issue of violence in Philadelphia remains a significant concern.

The Future of Jim’s West

Despite the challenges and controversies, Jim’s Steaks in West Philadelphia continues to serve its famous cheesesteaks to locals and tourists alike. As the business adapts to the evolving security needs of the neighborhood, Jim’s West remains a symbol of resilience and determination. Only time will tell how the situation unfolds and whether the increased security measures will have a lasting impact on the business and the community.


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