Dr. Dre beams while watching Chris Rock’s stand-up performance in Hollywood with a “mystery woman.”

Dr. Dre was spotted spending time with an unknown woman at Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy show in Hollywood, California. The music producer and Jimmy Iovine, a close friend, both went to the event. The musician walked next to his female companion as Iovine went in front of them.

Dr. Dre, best known for his hit songs “Still DRE” and “Forget about Dre,” was spotted entering the Dolby Theater for Rock’s performance while sporting a black hoodie and joggers. He could be seen grinning at the woman, who was wearing a long fur coat and dark brown boots.

What became of Dr. Dre? Hip-hop mogul admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center’s intensive care unit

As he battled a brain aneurysm, Dr. Dre revealed his near-death experience, saying, “My family came to say last goodbyes.”

She carried a bag close to her chest with her curls left loose. The founder of Beats was all in black athletic wear, clean shaven, and sporting white sneakers.


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