Elon Musk reveals a groundbreaking plan for social media platform X – Get ready for an exclusive paywall experience!


Elon Musk Hints at Paywall for X (formerly Twitter) to Combat Bots

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, recently suggested that users may have to pay to access the social media platform as a means to tackle the issue of bots. In a live-streamed conversation with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk explained that implementing a small monthly payment would significantly increase the cost for bots, ultimately deterring their activities. While Musk did not provide further details on how the payment system would work, he has previously mentioned his plan to charge for verification as a way to combat bots and fake accounts on the platform.

Countering Bots with a Paywall: Musk’s Solution

Musk pointed out that creating bots is inexpensive, costing only a fraction of a penny. However, by introducing a payment requirement, even if it’s a modest amount, the cost to bots would become prohibitively high. While the specifics of the payment system are not yet disclosed, Musk’s previous idea of charging for verification could be a part of this paywall strategy. By making users pay for access, X (Twitter) aims to deter bots and ensure a more authentic user experience on the platform.

Current Subscription Model: X Premium

X already offers additional features to users through its X Premium subscription. Subscribers gain access to benefits such as a blue checkmark on their account, the ability to share longer posts, and the option to edit posts. The price of an X Premium subscription varies by country, with users in the US paying $8 (£6.50) per month and UK users paying £11. Despite the potential introduction of a paywall for all users, Musk assured that the price to access X will remain affordable by offering a lower tier pricing option.

Addressing the Bot Issue: X’s Long-Standing Challenge

X has been grappling with the problem of automated accounts for a significant period. Even before buying Twitter, Musk expressed concerns about the prevalence of bot accounts and initially considered backing out of the acquisition for this reason. Since taking over, Musk has continued to face difficulties, including ongoing negative cash flow and advertising revenue challenges. To counter these issues, Musk has proposed various ideas to increase cashflow, albeit with mixed success.

X’s Struggles with Advertising Revenue

The company’s advertising revenue challenges have been widely reported, prompting Musk to explore alternative strategies. In a recent tweet, he criticized the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), accusing them of causing a substantial decline in US ad revenue at X without providing evidence. However, during the live-streamed conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk reiterated his commitment to combating hate speech and promoting a balanced approach within the framework of the First Amendment. While addressing the concerns raised by Netanyahu, Musk emphasized his stand against antisemitism and any form of hatred or conflict.

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