Embrace the Challenge: Keir Starmer Takes on a Daunting Battle Ahead to Overcome Obstacles


Give Britain its Future Back: Keir Starmer’s Final Speech to the Labour Conference

When Keir Starmer delivers what could be his final speech to the Labour conference before becoming prime minister next year, he will do so in front of the words: “Give Britain its Future Back”.

This slogan encapsulates the hope that the Labour party offers to voters – an alternative to the current reality of record-long NHS waiting lists, public sector strikes, struggling schools, a cost of living crisis, and an economy on the brink of recession. However, it’s important to recognize that this slogan alone cannot magically transform the state of the nation.

Challenges Ahead

Even if the Downing Street claims hold true and there are signs of economic growth by polling day, Prime Minister Starmer will inherit a range of challenges from his predecessor. These challenges include the overcrowded hospitals, long waiting lists for medical treatment, and an economy in dire need of stability.

One pressing issue that Starmer will likely face is doctors’ strikes, a topic that the current Prime Minister is already battling. The Labour party, with tight public finances, will struggle to meet the 35 percent pay demands of the British Medical Association. However, the party has expressed its willingness to engage in negotiations with the union if the dispute continues.

Furthermore, both Prime Minister Starmer and the new Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, will be restricted to the tax and spending plans implemented by the Conservative party. These plans aim to stabilize the economy and rebuild Labour’s economic reputation.

Labour’s Plan

While these challenges may seem overwhelming, Labour ministers are determined to fulfill their promises of boosting economic growth and increasing the recruitment of doctors and nurses to alleviate the pressures on the NHS. However, they acknowledge that achieving these goals will take time – years, not months.

Labour, with a more honest party conference slogan, would acknowledge the realistic timeline for change, perhaps stating, “We Can Give Britain its Future Back, One Day.” This may not win over many voters at first, but it reflects the party’s commitment to long-term solutions rather than quick fixes.


As Keir Starmer prepares for what could be his final speech to the Labour conference before assuming the role of prime minister, the slogan “Give Britain its Future Back” symbolizes the hope that the party offers to voters. However, it is crucial to recognize the challenges that lie ahead. Prime Minister Starmer will have to navigate the overcrowded hospitals, long waiting lists, and an economy on the brink of recession. Despite these obstacles, Labour remains committed to tackling these issues and gradually restoring the country’s future. While change may not come overnight, the party’s determination to provide a better future for Britain is resolute.


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