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Google Reports of Eminem’s Death Sends Social Media into Chaos

Over the weekend, Google reports of Eminem’s death caused chaos on social media, with fans sharing their search results and using the hashtag #RIPEminem. The search results listed Eminem’s death date as December 10, 2023, sparking panic among fans who were devastated by the news. However, it turned out that the reports were a result of a hoax, with a prankster altering the hip-hop star’s Wikipedia page, leading to the false search results. Fortunately, Eminem is alive and well, but the incident left his fans in a state of confusion and disbelief.

The 24-Hour Panic

For 24 hours, fans were in a state of panic, expressing their disbelief and shock on social media platforms. Many couldn’t believe the news, with one fan writing, “Can’t believe he’s gone.” The hashtag #RIPEminem trended on social media, amplifying the chaos and confusion caused by the false reports. It was a distressing time for Eminem’s loyal fanbase, as they grappled with the possibility of losing the iconic rapper.

Eminem, performing at Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium, in May 2021. The Wikipedia edit claimed the 51-year-old rapper died in Wisconsin on December 10, 2023.
Gie Knaeps/Hulton Archive

Fans React

Once the truth emerged that Eminem was, in fact, alive, fans began to poke fun at the prank and expressed their relief. Some fans humorously shared their own reasons for believing the false reports, injecting some light-heartedness into the situation. Through their reactions, it became apparent that Eminem holds a special place in the hearts of many, and the news of his death deeply affected his fanbase.

Eminem attends the ceremony honoring Curtis Jackson, “50 Cent,” with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 30, 2020, in Hollywood, California. Fans were heartbroken by the death rumors, with #RIPEminem trending on social media.

Previous Hoaxes

This isn’t the first time Eminem has been the subject of a death hoax. In August 2020, the hashtag #RipEminem went viral on Twitter, once again falsely claiming the rapper’s demise. Such incidents highlight the impact that Eminem has had on popular culture and the fervent emotional response from his fans. The rapper’s enduring legacy and influence within the music industry are evident from the overwhelming reactions to the false reports of his passing.

Eminem’s Legacy

Since his debut solo album, Infinite, in 1996, Eminem has been a central figure in the music industry, selling over 500 million records worldwide and achieving numerous accolades. Despite the occasional death hoax, his artistry and impact on the rap genre prevail. His last album, Curtain Call 2, released in August 2022, prompted a mixed reaction among fans, reflecting the continued interest in his work. Eminem’s enduring legacy and the passion of his fanbase are testament to his unrivaled influence within the world of music.

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.



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