Esther Ripa, Kelly Ripa’s mother, is recovering from a heart procedure and did well.


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After undergoing surgery earlier this week for a heart procedure, Kelly Ripa’s mother is now recovering.

The co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” said on Wednesday that after seeing how the hospital staff treated Esther Ripa in the intensive care unit, she had more respect for them.

I must tell you something, she said. “Until you — and all people — go through this, and you really realize what gems hospital workers are.”

“Those ICU nurses are just so special and so fabulous at allaying anyone’s fears, anxieties, and just keeping everyone in the know,” said one patient of the hospital. “Not just the surgeons and the physicians assistants, either.”

Ripa, 51, joked that her father, Joseph Ripa, was pestering Esther with too many questions and told co-host Ryan Seacrest that her mom “did great.”

The former soap opera star first brought up her mother’s procedure when she joked that her mother would make “the worst patient” and revealed on Tuesday that it was happening at the same time as the taping of her show.

She remarked, “I got to tell you something, until you — and all people go through this, and you don’t really realize what gems hospital workers are.

At the time, Ripa told Seacrest, 47, “I will say this, we were [at the hospital] late last night and very early this morning.” “My mother was sporting a turban-style head wrap, but she refused to wear it to surgery. That is not permitted. The chicest French girl bob I’ve ever seen was on my mom this morning, I see.

Ripa revealed that her father was responsible for the new look.

“Ugh, I didn’t want to deal with it, she says. I had your father cut my hair with the kitchen scissors because I didn’t want to have to worry about it,” she said. “My dad has lost his opportunity to become a hairstylist.”


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