Exciting Update: Matt Gaetz Shares Unforeseen Message with Donald Trump Jr.!


Florida Representative Matt Gaetz Refutes Report About Running for Governor

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz pushed back on Monday against a report that claimed he strongly hinted at running for governor in his state. The report, which was published by NBC News, stated that Gaetz had implied several times during a reception in Tallahassee that he would be running for governor in 2026. However, Gaetz clarified that his main political focus at the moment is on former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign and that he believes Florida currently has an outstanding governor.

Conservatives Disappointed by Gaetz’s Refutation

One prominent conservative who may be disappointed by Gaetz’s refutation of the report is Donald Trump Jr. In a recent statement, Trump Jr. expressed his willingness to campaign aggressively for Gaetz if he decided to run for governor. Gaetz’s decision not to pursue the position could leave Trump Jr. and other conservatives without a preferred candidate.

Gaetz Denounces the Report as Clickbait

In a statement to Newsweek, Gaetz further distanced himself from the report, describing it as overblown clickbait. He explained that while he did receive encouragement from former colleagues to consider returning to Florida, he was not focused on that talk at the time. Gaetz emphasized his current mission of fighting for various causes, such as a continuing resolution on Ukraine funding and investigating special prosecutor Jack Smith and what he perceives as a “weaponized Biden government.”

Gaetz’s Presidential Aspirations and Trump’s Support

During a live-streamed interview with Trump Jr. at a recent Republican presidential primary debate, Gaetz was asked about his presidential aspirations. Gaetz firmly denied having any such ambitions. However, Trump Jr. expressed his support for Gaetz running for governor, suggesting that he would campaign aggressively. Gaetz also expressed his enthusiasm for the job and stated that he would relish the opportunity if it arose.

Gaetz’s Feud with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Aside from the speculation about his political future, Gaetz has been engaged in a public feud with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz has criticized McCarthy, even going as far as referring to him as “McFailure” and threatening to remove him from the speakership if concessions are not made. This dispute arose from McCarthy’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, which Gaetz believes should also involve subpoenas for Hunter Biden and the release of more footage from the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Additionally, Gaetz has called for a balanced budget and term limits for members of Congress.


In summary, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has refuted the report suggesting that he strongly implied he would run for governor. Gaetz affirmed his commitment to supporting Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign and praised Florida’s current governor. While he did express enthusiasm for the role of governor in a previous interview, Gaetz clarified that his immediate political focus lies elsewhere. The ongoing feud between Gaetz and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy adds another layer of complexity to Gaetz’s political landscape. As Florida’s political scene continues to evolve, Gaetz’s next moves will undoubtedly be closely watched by conservatives and political observers alike.


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