Explosive Internet Outrage: Sean Hannity Unleashes Stunning Attack on ‘Racist Joe’ POTUS, Sparking Debate on the State of Journalism!


Sean Hannity Labels President Joe Biden as “Racist Joe” Over Controversial Remarks on African American and Hispanic Workers

In a recent incident, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity accused President Joe Biden of making racist comments during his speech at Prince George’s Community College. Hannity’s criticism sparked a heated debate on social media, with people expressing differing opinions on whether the President’s remarks were in fact offensive and racist.

Sean Hannity’s Accusation

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Sean Hannity, a prominent Fox News anchor, took to the platform to voice his outrage over President Joe Biden’s alleged racist comments. Hannity wrote, “Another day, another racist comment from Biden. Crickets from the mainstream media.”

Hannity also shared an article from his official website titled, “RACIST JOE RETURNS! Biden Blasted for Remarks About ‘African American and Hispanic Workers’ [WATCH].” The article included a clip of Biden speaking at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland.

The Controversial Remarks

During his speech, President Biden talked about his efforts to support African American and Hispanic workers, particularly those without high school diplomas. He said, “We not only recovered the jobs we lost in the pandemic, we’ve added millions more. We’ve seen record lows in unemployment, and I’ve focused on this my whole career — particularly for African Americans and Hispanic workers and veterans, you know, the workers without high-school diplomas.”

Hannity deemed these remarks as offensive and racist, stating that they were inappropriate and disrespectful towards African American and Hispanic communities. However, the response on social media was divided, with some people agreeing with Hannity, while others defended Biden’s statements.

Social Media Response

Following Hannity’s accusations, social media platforms were flooded with reactions, both supporting and criticizing President Biden’s remarks. While many users aligned with Hannity and denounced Biden’s comments as racist, others argued that the President was highlighting important issues and providing factual information about the challenges faced by African American and Hispanic workers.

One Twitter user wrote, “Just watched the clip, and as much as I dislike Joe, he didn’t say anything racist imo.” Another user pointed out the historical significance of the low unemployment rates for minorities, stating, “Nothing he said was racist, just facts. Many people without high school diplomas have low-paying jobs and often end up unemployed.”

On the other hand, some users criticized Hannity and Fox News for exaggerating Biden’s remarks and accused them of seeking attention through controversy. One Twitter user called out the media channel, saying, “FOX and Hannity digging deep down for today’s irrelevant angertainment story.”

Despite the controversy, the debate surrounding President Biden’s alleged racist comments continues, demonstrating the deeply divided opinions on social and political issues.


The accusation made by Sean Hannity against President Joe Biden for making racist comments has sparked a heated discussion on social media. While Hannity criticized Biden for his remarks on African American and Hispanic workers, the response from the online community was mixed, with some supporting Hannity’s accusation and others defending the President. The controversy highlights the ongoing polarization in public opinion on sensitive matters and the role of media in shaping public discourse.


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