Fans of Johnny Depp slam Amber Heard’s rumored tell-all book deal, saying they’ll use it for toilet paper.

Although the courtroom drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has ended, it appears that their fans aren’t yet over it. The online assault on the actors, particularly Heard, is becoming increasingly obnoxious by the day. Now, a Twitter account called @JusticeSquad2 claims that the 36-year-old actress “is going to write a book,” but adds that it will be uninteresting to most people.

“Amber Heard is going to write a book that people are going to be mad about for like 5 seconds and then nobody will give a damn because we’re going to the theaters to see Johnny Depp in his 3rd blockbuster classic movie of the year,” the tweet read.

IS HE PLANNING TO HEDG HIS WINNINGS? Jason Momoa was chastised for liking Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s Instagram posts on the same day.

Although Johnny Depp’s popularity is declining among Boomers and Democrats, Gen Z continues to adore him.




“And you’ll find the book at a local Dollar Tree,” one user mocked. “I said during the trial she was writing notes for her tell-all and how long until she tries to land a book deal!” another added. “Doesn’t she have to put pen to paper to write a book?” joked another user.



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