Flight from Bali was delayed because a passenger lit a cigarette inside the aircraft.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Passengers on a flight from Melbourne to Bali were irate after a man who lit a cigarette after boarding caused their already-delayed takeoff to be further delayed. On Tuesday, September 6, a TikTok video that documented the moment the person was taken off of Jetstar flight JQ1035 by the police was posted online. When your flight to Bali is already delayed and this guy decides to light a dart, we then have to wait for the police to escort him off, a woman by the name of Sinead Merrett wrote in her post.

Sinead also mentioned that the flight hadn’t taken off by 7 o’clock after she boarded at 3 o’clock in Melbourne. After making a late fuel stop in Darwin on Tuesday, September 6th, the flight made it to Denpasar airport at 12:51 am on Wednesday, September 7. When Sinead’s video went viral, many TikTok users commented on it. One user wrote, “One night flying out of Bali, an idiot lit up a cigarette on the stairs while the plane was refueling, he didn’t see anything wrong with it.”

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“For the sake of Christ. If you know you smoke and can’t go a day without throwing a cigarette, wear a nicotine patch, another user suggested. No Bintangs for you buddy, someone else wrote. “Only on a flight to Bali aye,” another user added.

A Jetstar spokesperson reportedly acknowledged the man responsible for the delay “lit a cigarette on board the aircraft prior to departure.” In Australian airport terminals, on the tarmac, or on any Jetstar aircraft, smoking, vaping, or using electronic cigarettes is not permitted. The AFP were called as the passenger was led off the aircraft. Our no-smoking policy is strictly upheld because safety is our top priority, the spokesperson added.

In a separate statement, the Australian Federal Police confirmed that on September 6, officers had been called to a plane waiting to take off from Melbourne Airport. Police were called in response to reports that a man had been smoking inside a plane. Without further incident, the man was led from the aircraft.

The incident occurred just a few weeks after another rowdy passenger was kicked off a Jetstar flight following what was reportedly an ugly verbal altercation over a window seat. An Australian woman who is thought to have been on the flight from Phuket to Sydney in August 2022 was seen on camera yelling at other passengers. The woman reportedly lost her temper because she wanted to sit by the window, it was later revealed.

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