Gabriel Davies, a 16-year-old football player, killed his mother’s ex-boyfriend after breaking into the home through a dog door.


THURSTON, WASHINGTON: According to the father of the state high school football player Gabriel Davies, who is charged with killing his mother’s 51-year-old ex-fiance Daniel McCaw, he was coerced into breaking into the victim’s home by the victim’s biker gang. For the death of McCaw, who was discovered dead in his Orting home on September 1, Davies and Justin Jiwoon Yoon, both 16 years old, were formally charged on September 6 with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, first-degree burglary, and two counts of second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

The teenagers have each posted a $1 million bail and are currently being held in custody. The killing’s motive was not made public by the police, but Davies’ father claimed that McCaw’s former motorcycle crew members had forced his son to steal from the house, which led to his son breaking in through the backyard in the early hours of the murderous day. The group, according to him, punched Davies in the face with a truck. They then drove him around in another vehicle while robbing him of his shirt and shoes.

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Missing teen found and charged with killing mother’s ex-fiance in The Strange Case of Gabriel Davies

Investigators reportedly obtained surveillance video from McCaw’s house that showed the arrival of two “young skinny males” at 1.59 in the morning, according to documents obtained by Daily Mail. According to Fox13, the two entered the house through the dog door. McCaw can be seen leaving his garage and going inside his home at 2.41 in the morning. A dog abruptly exits the dog door at 2.47 in the morning, and both suspects leave the house through the side door a minute later. The suspects ran back and forth to the garage before escaping at around 2.52 am, according to the documents. The two suspects appeared to be carrying various items, possibly even a handgun.

According to Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt Darren Moss, the deputies learned during the course of the investigation that Davies and the deceased had a long-lost connection. According to a report by the New Tribune, the dead man and Davies’ mother were a couple, and the three had resided together at the home where he was found dead for a number of years. The mothers of McCaw and Davies had submitted numerous statements in each other’s defense. The News Tribune was able to connect Davies to the address through property and court records.


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