Gisele Bundchen seeks couples therapy because she disapproves of Tom Brady’s parenting style.


Gisele Bundchen is reportedly dissatisfied with Tom Brady’s parenting approach. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA The couple’s 13-year marriage, which had appeared to be going smoothly, has hit a rough patch as a result of reports that they had a series of heated arguments.

Radar claims that the 42-year-old was dissatisfied with her husband’s interactions with their children. Since it was revealed that Gisele left their Florida family compound and traveled to Costa Rica as a result of an altercation, this ‘trouble’ has reportedly been going on for a while.


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While Tom and Gisele were in couples therapy, the topic of Tom’s treatment of their children came up. Son Benjamin (12) and daughter Vivian (9) are the couple’s children. With his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback also shares a 15-year-old son named Jack. Tom was charged with not spending enough time with the family by Gisele.


In 2020, an insider told the publication, “Tom will come home after a long day of training and pass out on the couch. Yes, there is a lack of effort, but what irritates Gisele more is when Tom yells at the kids for misbehaving when he is actually with them. She thinks he ought to exercise more patience.

After the Deflategate controversy, the couple began counseling. Sources claimed that Tom was reluctant to seek therapy and that Gisele came up with the idea. “Things got so bad after Deflategate that they could hardly speak to each other,” a friend remarked. Under the strain, Tom became irritable, and she began blaming him for their overall unhappiness, much of which existed prior to the scandal. Her demand was for counseling.

The storied NFL player for the Buccaneers missed 11 practice days in August prior to the news of their heated argument becoming public. Tom responded, “It’s all personal,” in response. Everybody is dealing with a different set of circumstances. Each of us faces incredibly distinct challenges in life. Man, I’m 45 years old. A lot of s**t is happening.


The couple wed in 2009 after meeting through mutual friends. Months before their marital problems became public, Gisele’s friends urged her to update her multimillion dollar prenup. The current prenup is fairly irrefutable and outlines how everything will be divided should they separate, but it needs to be updated and can be if both parties agree, an insider told Radar in June. Even though Gisele is wealthy in and of herself, she is likely to heed the advice of her friends and update their prenup.


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