GOP Senators Flaunt Beach-Ready Confidence with Bold Bathing Suit Banter in Senate Chamber


Republicans Joking about Wearing Bathing Suits on Senate Floor

Following Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to alter the chamber’s dress code, Republicans are jokingly suggesting wearing bathing suits on the Senate floor. The change in dress code has been attributed by many Republicans to Democratic Senator John Fetterman’s dressed-down look. While Fetterman has occasionally worn a suit and tie on the Senate floor, he is known for his casual attire like hoodies and shorts when not on the floor.

The Bikini Joke

In response to the dress code change, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine made a lighthearted remark, saying she would “wear a bikini” to the chamber. She also jokingly suggested that Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware would be wearing shorts. However, Collins quickly clarified that she was only joking and expressed her concerns about the dress code change, stating that it “debases the institution.”

“I plan to wear a bikini tomorrow to the Senate floor and Chris Coons is gonna wear shorts because there’s no dress code anymore,” Collins said. “Obviously, I’m not going to wear a bikini. But the fact is, as I understand it, I could.”

Collins emphasized the need to maintain a certain level of dignity in the Senate and believed that doing away with the dress code would undermine the institution.

Ted Cruz’s Response on Twitter

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas responded on Twitter to a suggestion made by a right-wing podcast that “we need Ted Cruz in a Speedo” to protest Fetterman and the changed dress code. Cruz humorously wrote, “I give my solemn word… this will not happen!”

The Details of the Dress Code Change

The exact details of what is permissible under the new dress code have not been publicly announced. However, the altered rules only apply to senators and not their staff. Schumer has stated that senators are now able to choose what they wear on the Senate floor, but he personally will continue to wear a suit. The implications and extent of these changes remain to be seen.

Republican Criticism

Collins and Cruz are not the only Republicans who have voiced their opinions on the dress code change. Many other GOP politicians have directly criticized Fetterman in response. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia expressed disappointment that the Senate was no longer enforcing a dress code for senators to appease Fetterman, calling it a “disgraceful” example of “lowering the bar.” Stephen Miller, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, claimed that the Senate was debasing itself to accommodate the “slovenliness” of Fetterman.

Fetterman’s Response and Merchandise

Fetterman, in his response on Twitter, brought up a recent theater scandal involving Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado. He suggested that if he started “vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical,” the conservative network would make him a “folk hero.” Fetterman also hinted at capitalizing on the uproar by mentioning that new merchandise would be dropping soon for those interested.


The Senate’s dress code change has sparked humorous reactions from Republicans, with some jokingly suggesting wearing bathing suits on the Senate floor. While these remarks may be lighthearted, they reflect concerns about the potential impact of the dress code change on the dignity and reputation of the institution. The exact implications of the new dress code remain uncertain, and the debate surrounding it continues.


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