‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fan Theory: Meredith Will Have A House Fire


Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 5 spoilers ahead. Grey’s Anatomy has, to put it mildly, put Meredith Grey through the ringer over the past nearly two decades. She has overcome numerous challenges, including almost drowning, a plane crash, the grief following Derek’s passing, and most recently, a COVID-induced coma. Since the Nov. Meredith’s relocation to Boston was confirmed in the third episode, but fans on Twitter believe she still has at least one more disaster in store before she leaves Seattle. After all, a tragic accident will befall “one of our own,” according to the cryptic midseason finale promo.

Several viewers found an unconfirmed still from the upcoming Nov. movie even before the sneak peek was released. 10 episode, seemingly depicting Meredith in front of what seems to beher home burning.

More to come…


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