Heartwarming Transformation: Witness Beloved Senior Rescue Dog Emerge Blossoming with Trust and Confidence Alongside their Loving New Family


Footage of Rescue Greyhound’s Transformation and Growing Confidence

Footage of how a rescue greyhound’s confidence grew after being adopted has delighted viewers on social media. Tia, 12, started out as a foster dog for owners Georgia and Billy from Sydney, Australia, in December 2020. The couple also adopted Luna, an 8-year-old female greyhound, in 2019.

The Journey to a Forever Home

In the racing industry for nine years—six years of racing and three spent breeding—Tia needed plenty of care and time to settle into a new home. “We adopted greyhounds because at the time we lived in an apartment, and they make excellent apartment dogs as they rarely bark and love to snooze the day away,” Georgia told Newsweek.

From left: Senior greyhound Tia relaxes at her house in Sydney, Australia. She spent nine years in the racing industry before finding her forever home.

“They have such gentle, loving personalities and, in Australia, we have a huge over-breeding problem with greyhounds because, sadly, our greyhound racing industry continues to grow,” Georgia added. “We could never consider buying a puppy with this many dogs needing a home.”

The Reality of Greyhound Racing Industry

Australia is one of several countries that still have a greyhound racing industry. There are 58 active race tracks in Australia, while by comparison there are just two in the U.S. The Humane Society of the United States reports that the sport has lost popularity in the country, and is now illegal in more than 42 states.

With greyhounds often bred purely for racing, cruel methods are used to dispose of unwanted dogs. Those who survive in the industry are forced to live alone in cramped conditions and small enclosures. The Humane Society of the United States reports that a racing greyhound dies every three days on a Florida track.

Tia having her first-ever cuddle, left; and a picture of the dog with her owner having finally settled, right. Greyhounds “make excellent apartment dogs as they rarely bark and love to snooze the day away,” Georgia told Newsweek.

Tia’s Challenging Background

Tia had spent her years in the racing industry alone, with her trainer as her only companion. The greyhound struggled with people and social situations when she was first fostered by the couple.

A Forever Home

It wasn’t long until Tia became a “foster fail” and Georgia and Billy decided she would live with them forever—but it took a little longer for her to feel safe at last.

Thanks to the love and support of her new owners, Tia has made an extraordinary transformation, finally settling into her new home. “We could tell immediately that she knew she was safe with us, but she had barriers up when it came to us being too close,” Georgia said. “We have almost had her for three years, and she has consistently been gaining confidence more and more.”

Tia’s Incredible Transformation

Month by month, Tia inched closer to her humans, gradually letting down the barriers she had built around her heart. A few months in, her puppy-like personality began to emerge.

“She eventually became more comfortable sitting closer to us each month, but it’s only been in the last couple of months that we have been able to have proper cuddles with her,” said Georgia.

The Heartwarming Video

In a video shared on TikTok under the handle @ladyluna_and_princesstia a week ago, Tia’s owners showed her transformation from a nervous pup to a cuddly pet. The text overlay reads: “Watch our senior rescued greyhound learn trust and confidence.”

Viewers loved seeing Tia’s amazing transformation into a loving family pet and shared their reactions in the comments.

Awareness for Greyhounds

“Your noodlehorses are beautiful. so happy to see them living the lives they deserve,” wrote Jennifer Gregory.

Anna-Marie Sevcikova posted: “I am actually crying. Greyhounds are so pure. They deserve so much love.”

“We hope our content shows people what greyhounds are actually like. Most people only see them racing and aren’t aware that they make the most beautiful addition to a family,” Georgia said.

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