How a Clever Woman Secured Exclusive Inheritance for her Beloved Granddaughter – Guaranteed to Amaze and Delight!


A deceased woman has been cheered online after it came to light on social media that she had ensured only one of her grandchildren would inherit her estate. In a Reddit post put together by the woman’s son-in-law, it was revealed that his deceased mother-in-law had blocked one of her two granddaughters from inheriting her life savings because she had already had a child, which went against a clause in her will.

The Reddit post shared the son-in-law’s perspective on the situation. He explained that his late mother-in-law had always favored one granddaughter, Elise, because she wanted to follow in her footsteps. The grandmother spent more time with Elise and even made sure she alone received her tools and a small amount of land for greenhouses. However, after the grandmother’s passing, the family discovered a trust she had set up, which stated that it was to be shared equally between her grandchildren, Elise and Rea, but with a catch. The trust could only be fully dispersed when the youngest grandchild turned 21, and anyone who had a child before that age would be automatically disqualified from inheriting their portion. Unfortunately, Rea had a two-year-old son, while Elise did not have children, making only Elise eligible to withdraw money from the trust.

The son-in-law expressed his hurt and upset feelings regarding the situation, especially considering that Elise was the biological granddaughter of the late grandmother, while Rea had been adopted. To shed light on the legal implications and offer insight into this sensitive matter, Newsweek consulted Mitch Mitchell, an estate planning and probate lawyer based in Texas.

Mitchell explained that while the choice made by the deceased grandmother might be hurtful, it is legally valid. He mentioned that a gift or a condition on a gift cannot be against public policy, and therefore, the grandmother was free to condition her trust however she wanted. Mitchell emphasized the importance of discussing such choices with estate planners to consider the potential fallout and conflict within the family.

Since the Reddit post was shared, it has gained significant attention, with numerous users critiquing the son-in-law for going against the late grandmother’s wishes. The majority of the commenters supported the grandmother’s right to decide how her wealth should pass and pointed out that the son-in-law had left out crucial information about Rea being the step-grandchild, while Elise was the biological grandchild.

Overall, this story highlights the complexities and emotions involved in estate planning. While the legality of the grandmother’s decision is clear, the fallout and hurt feelings within the family serve as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and understanding between loved ones when it comes to inheritance.

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