How Stacey Solomon became the highest-paid mumfluencer in the world, earning more than £12,000 PER POST.


STACEY Solomon, who has won The X Factor, I’m a Celeb, and parenthood, has now been dubbed the highest-earning “mumfluencer” at million. The 31-year-old mum is said to earn over £12,000 per sponsored Instagram post after sharing clever cleaning hacks, parenting tips, and home renovation inspiration. Stacey Solomon is the highest paid mumfluencer on Instagram, earning




Mrs Hinch earns over £11,059 per Instagram post[/caption]

Louise Pentland/Instagram

Louise Pentland earns £7,119 per post[/caption]

Currently sharing her home renovations at Pickle Cottage with her 4. Stacey is the highest-paid mumfluencer, earning £12,390 per post, according to Babythingz, an Instagram company with 6 million followers. Mrs Hinch, who receives £11,059 per post, is closely followed by the pregnant mother-of-three, who is due to give birth to her fourth child soon, according to the study.

Mum Louise Pentland came in third, earning £7,119 per post, and Tess Holliday came in fourth, earning £6028 per post. Rochelle Humes, a mother of three, is in fifth place, earning £5805 for posting for companies on Instagram.

“Mumfluencer” is a new term that has quickly grown in popularity on Instagram.

Mumfluencers post about parenting and life with their children, which makes them a popular draw for other mothers looking for tips, tricks, and general advice from a fellow mother.

Mumfluencers usually shаre their dаily аctivities with their followers, аs well аs reveаling their fаvorite products аnd responding to questions from other mothers.



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