Injustice Reversed: Victimized Postmasters to Receive Exquisite £600K Settlement for Unfair Conviction Stemming from Faulty IT


The UK Government has announced that every Post Office manager convicted of stealing cash due to faulty IT systems will receive £600,000 in compensation. Between 1999 and 2015, dozens of postmasters were wrongly accused of theft or false accounting when the Horizon computer system displayed incorrect shortfalls in their branches’ accounts. While interim payments of £100,000 have already been made to these postmasters, many are currently engaged in legal action to seek further compensation. The Department for Business and Trade has now stated that postmasters who agree to end legal proceedings will receive a total of £600,000, along with coverage for their legal fees. Those who have previously settled with the Post Office for a lower amount will be paid the difference. Additionally, the scheme will be extended to future postmasters who have their convictions quashed.

Government’s Compensation and Reconciliation Efforts

The Government has already paid out £21 million in compensation to 86 individuals whose convictions were overturned. If all of them claim the £600,000 payment, this could cost the Government an additional £30 million. Post Office minister Kevin Hollinrake emphasized that the aim is to right the wrong and provide relief to those wrongfully caught up in the scandal. He expressed the Government’s commitment to resolving the issue and ensuring that such a situation never occurs again.

The Horizon Scandal: Unjust Accusations and Devastating Consequences

The Horizon scandal involved postmasters being falsely accused of stealing from their tills due to discrepancies between the money they collected from customers and the amount owed to the Post Office. Courts heavily relied on evidence from the faulty accounting software, leading to wrongful convictions that had severe consequences for the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of postmasters.

Striving for Resolution and Preventing Future Injustices

The Government’s compensation and reconciliation efforts aim to address the injustice inflicted upon postmasters, offering long-overdue relief and reparation. By providing financial compensation and covering legal fees, the Government seeks to acknowledge the suffering experienced by these individuals. Furthermore, efforts to prevent similar incidents in the future are underway to ensure that no one else falls victim to faulty IT systems or inaccurate accounting software.


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