Insiders suggest Lineker’s tweets about Rwanda and the Tories may have violated BBC rules


Gary Lineker’s Fiery Response to Leading Tories and Potential BBC Impartiality Breach

Gary Lineker, the Match of the Day presenter, has found himself embroiled in controversy after signing an open letter urging the government to scrap its Rwanda plan. This move led to criticism from several Conservative MPs, who accused Lineker of breaching the BBC’s rules on political impartiality. The BBC has stated that, as a non-News presenter, Lineker was within his rights to sign the open letter, which highlighted the government’s ineffective policies towards refugees. However, Lineker’s subsequent mocking rebuttals towards senior Conservatives have raised questions about potential breaches of impartiality guidelines. This has sparked a heated debate over Lineker’s actions and the BBC’s response.

Lineker’s Controversial Twitter Exchanges

Following Defence Secretary Grant Shapps’s comments urging Lineker to stick to commenting on football, Lineker responded with a tweet that appeared to criticize Shapps’s character. This was seen as a potential breach of the new BBC social media guidelines, which prohibit criticism of individual politicians in the UK. Lineker’s exchange with Tory party co-chair Lee Anderson also drew attention, with Lineker’s comments about the next general election potentially being considered an attack on a political party, which goes against BBC rules. These interactions have sparked debates about Lineker’s conduct and the BBC’s guidelines.

Scrutiny Over BBC Guidelines and Lineker’s Tweets

The BBC has faced scrutiny over its guidance and management of Lineker’s social media posts. While the corporation has refrained from commenting on individual tweets, it’s evident that Lineker’s remarks have raised questions about the BBC’s stance on political impartiality. The situation has prompted discussions about the BBC’s approach to presenters expressing their opinions on social and political issues, and how aggressive rebuttals and criticisms fit into the BBC’s guidelines on respect and civility in online exchanges.

Public Reaction and BBC’s Impartiality Rules

Lineker’s retorts on Twitter have pleased many of his 8.9 million followers, but they have also raised concerns about adherence to the BBC’s guidelines for online conduct. The BBC’s rules emphasize the need for respect and courtesy in online exchanges and prohibit attacks on individuals, even when disagreeing with their views. Lineker’s exchanges with Tory MPs have ignited discussions about the extent to which public figures should engage in online debates and the implications for the BBC’s impartiality rules.

Lineker’s Advocacy and BBC’s Response

Lineker’s backing of a campaign calling for a “fair new plan for refugees” has drawn attention to the BBC’s stance on its flagship presenters expressing opinions on public and political debates. Additionally, Lineker’s past suspension from Match of the Day for comments made on social media has led to a review of the BBC’s social media rules, resulting in new guidelines granting star presenters working outside of news greater freedom to express their views. This highlights the ongoing debate about the boundaries of expression for BBC presenters and the response to potential breaches of impartiality.


The controversy surrounding Gary Lineker’s response to leading Tories and the potential breach of BBC impartiality rules has sparked a contentious debate about the conduct of public figures on social media and the implications for the BBC’s guidelines. The situation has prompted discussions about online exchanges, political impartiality, and the degree of freedom for presenters to express their opinions. It remains to be seen how the BBC will navigate this issue and how Lineker’s actions will influence the corporation’s approach to managing social media conduct.


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