Introducing the Enigmatic Ceaser Curtis: Unveiling the Dark Secrets of a Man Falsely Pleading for Help, Now Charged with Murder


Man Arrested for Murder of Ex-Wife After Faking Her Disappearance: Ceaser Curtis Charged

MUNCIE, INDIANA – Ceaser Curtis, a man who appeared concerned about his ex-wife on social media, is now facing charges for her murder. The body of Marcia Curtis, 46, was found outside an abandoned mobile home on September 1, leading to the arrest of her ex-husband, Ceaser Curtis, 50.

How Ceaser Curtis Faked Marcia Curtis’ Disappearance

Ceaser Curtis actively participated in search efforts for Marcia, sharing photos of her and urging his Facebook friends to contact the police if they had any information on her whereabouts. He wrote, “If any of my friends on my Facebook has seen or heard from my ex-wife…she has been missing since Friday 9/1/23, please contact the police,” accompanied by the shared photos. He further mentioned that she was last seen wearing her FCC uniform, expressing concern for her well-being.

Additionally, Ceaser Curtis reposted a message from Marcia Curtis’ daughter, Brittney Ratfliff. In the post, Ratfliff expressed her hopes that her mother’s disappearance was merely a bad dream and appealed to the public for any information that could help locate her.

Alleged Threats and Harassment

Prior incidents suggest a tumultuous relationship between Ceaser and Marcia Curtis. In August, Ceaser made posts on social media that referred to a lack of trust and accused Marcia Curtis of infidelity. These cryptic posts raised concerns about the state of their relationship.

Marcia previously reported incidents of harassment by her ex-husband, including receiving threatening texts and calls. She also claimed that the windows of her car had been shot out. The authorities had previously charged Ceaser Curtis with invasion of privacy, violating a restraining order put in place after their divorce.

Ceaser Curtis’ Confession

During the investigation, Ceaser Curtis allegedly revealed to a close friend that he had killed Marcia Curtis. He confessed to beating her with a baseball bat, leaving her body abandoned before ultimately being discovered on September 1.

Stalking Allegations

According to reports, Ceaser and Marcia Curtis divorced in March. However, their turbulent relationship did not end there. Ceaser was accused of hiring a woman to murder Marcia with a metal pipe, a plan that allegedly fell through, leading to Ceaser carrying out the murder himself.

Overall, the evidence suggests a tumultuous relationship between Ceaser and Marcia Curtis, ultimately leading to her tragic death. The investigation is ongoing as authorities gather further details and build their case against Ceaser Curtis.

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