Is Adele officially off the market? Sensational marriage rumors with Rich Paul emerge after her emotional declaration in exotic Vegas show!


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Adele’s Las Vegas residency has been generating a buzz with numerous viral moments, adding to the excitement surrounding her performances. Most recently, the British singer sparked marriage rumors when she casually referred to her sports agent boyfriend, Rich Paul, as her “husband.”

Fans were left wondering if Adele had indeed tied the knot with Paul after a TikTok clip went viral over the weekend. In the clip, Adele is seen responding to a fan’s marriage proposal during her concert in Las Vegas on September 16. When asked if she would marry the fan, Adele replied, “You can’t marry me. I’m straight, my love, and my husband’s here tonight.”

While interacting with her audience, Adele humorously declined the fan’s proposal, mentioning that her “husband” was present in the crowd. This led to speculation about whether Adele and Rich Paul are secretly married.

The ‘Hello’ singer has been dating Rich Paul, who is LeBron James’s agent, for over two years. They went public with their relationship in July 2021 when they were photographed together courtside at an NBA match.

In June 2023, during another concert of her Las Vegas residency, Adele made headlines by declaring her intention to stay “married” to Rich Paul for the rest of her life. In a viral clip, Adele is seen telling the audience, “I intend to be married for the rest of my life to my man,” referring to Paul.

According to an insider, Adele’s relationship with Paul is different from her previous relationships, including her marriage to Simon Konecki. The Grammy-winning superstar seems to have found something special with Paul.

During a concert appearance in late August, Adele revealed that she is open to the idea of becoming a mother again and is already “collecting” baby names. When a pregnant concertgoer asked her to choose a name for her unborn child, Adele shared that she has been writing down names in her phone whenever she hears one she likes. She also mentioned that Paul had a preference for the name Parker.

Fans have taken Adele’s words as confirmation that she is secretly married to Rich Paul. Many have reacted to the news, expressing their love and support for the couple, while others have jokingly warned Paul about the possibility of Adele wanting a divorce in the future.

In summary, Adele’s Las Vegas residency has been full of excitement and viral moments. The singer’s casual reference to Rich Paul as her “husband” has sparked marriage rumors, leaving fans eager to know more about their relationship. With their public declarations and affectionate moments during concerts, Adele and Rich Paul continue to captivate audiences with their love story.


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