iShowSpeed’s Hilarious Prank on Younger Brother has the Internet Roaring with Laughter: Brace Yourself for Some Wild Times!


YouTube Streamer IShowSpeed Pranks His Brother With Lewd Noises on Livestream

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Social media users are sharing a video of YouTube streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” pulling an ironic prank on his brother by video calling him and making obscene noises on livestream.

The YouTuber is well-known for his hectic and animated livestreams, which often feature pranks and dubious behavior such as setting off a firecracker inside one’s room.

IShowSpeed (ishowspeed/ Instagram)
IShowSpeed is known for doing some crazy live streams (@ishowspeed/ Instagram)

IShowSpeed Makes Lewd Noises

His decision to use the chance to prank his brother on the livestream suggests that his connection with his siblings is as good as it has ever been.

“Hold on wait, I feel like pranking my brother,” Speed said before calling his brother.

The streamer continued to make lewd noises at that point, and his brother joined in the prank by cheering him on. The prank was streamed live on his YouTube channel. A video of the incident has since gone viral on social media.

IShowSpeed made lewd noises during the livestream to prank his younger brother (@ishowspeed/Instagram)

IShowSpeed, the recipient of The Variety Streamer of the Year at the 2018 Streamy Awards, is renowned for his ability to switch up his streams.

While the 18-year-old travels the world to watch matches and livestream from stadiums for his Just Chatting broadcasts, which are equally popular and where the majority of his viral moments originate, his programming mostly focuses on football.

The streamer has also dealt with his fair share of controversy, one of the more recent ones being when he unintentionally showed his private part.

It should go without saying that Darren frequently creates viral videos for his on-stream shenanigans, and social media users have taken notice of his most recent prank on his younger brother.

Fans React to the Prank

After the prank was shared on X, fans poured in their comments to express what they felt. A fan commented, “That’s wild…” whereas another fan said, “His brother is awesome man”. A fan added, “He going live today?”

A screenshot of the comments by fans (@speedupdates1/X)
Comments made by fans (@speedupdates1/X)

A fan also mentioned, “I just generally have no words other than, AYOOOOO!!!!!!” while one said, “W little bro”.

A screenshot of comments by fans (@speedupdates1/X)
A screenshot of comments by fans (@speedupdates1/X)

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