James Cleverly, a forceful counter, silences Boris Johnson’s unjust claim of UK ‘dragging its feet’ on Ukraine with utmost conviction


Foreign Secretary James Cleverly Criticizes Boris Johnson’s Support for Ukraine

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has sparked a debate within the UK government over the level of support being offered to Ukraine. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently criticized current Chancellor Rishi Sunak for not providing enough assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia. However, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has pushed back against Johnson’s claims, stating that the UK has been at the forefront of providing support to Ukraine.

UK’s Support for Ukraine

Cleverly reiterated the UK’s significant contribution to Ukraine during Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister. He highlighted that under Johnson’s leadership, the UK supplied NLAW anti-tank missile systems and offered training to the Ukrainian forces. Additionally, Cleverly emphasized that under Rishi Sunak’s tenure, the UK became the first country to commit main battle tanks and provide training for fast jet pilots. The UK also supplied long-range missiles that have played a crucial role in the Ukrainian battle against Russian forces in the south and southeast of Ukraine. Cleverly emphasized that the UK’s support goes beyond material donations and includes leadership on the issue.

Boris Johnson’s Call for More Support

In his article for The Spectator, Johnson called for both the UK and the US to supply Ukraine with weapons systems to counter Russian aggression. He specifically mentioned the need for weaponry to take out Russian helicopters, as well as drone technology and missile systems. Johnson argued that the cost of providing these weapons would be relatively small compared to the potential reward of preventing Putin from altering European borders through military force.

Cleverly Counters Johnson’s Claims

Cleverly acknowledged the seriousness of Johnson’s comments but disagreed with his assessment. He argued that the list of weaponry already supplied by the UK serves as evidence that Johnson is mistaken. Cleverly also emphasized that he regularly communicates with Ukrainian officials, who express gratitude not only for the UK’s donations but also for its leadership in addressing the conflict. Cleverly’s response aimed to emphasize that the UK has been actively supporting Ukraine both materially and diplomatically.

G20 Summit and Johnson’s Visit to Ukraine

Johnson also criticized the recent G20 summit for failing to send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He referred to the leaders’ communique as “feeble.” Johnson had firsthand experience dealing with the conflict in Ukraine during his time as Prime Minister and recently visited Ukraine to receive an honorary degree. During his visit, he was welcomed by the Mayor of Lviv and praised as a “great friend of Ukraine.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also attended the ceremony and remarked that Ukraine represents a standard of freedom that resonates with people from different countries.


The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia remains a significant concern for the international community. Within the UK government, there are differing opinions on the level of support being offered to Ukraine. Boris Johnson’s criticism of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s support prompted Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to defend the UK’s contributions. Cleverly highlighted the UK’s leadership in providing weaponry and training to Ukrainian forces. The debate surrounding Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression continues, with Johnson calling for additional support and Cleverly emphasizing the UK’s existing aid and leadership role.


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