Jen Shah is accused by Meredith Marks of being homophobic towards her son Brooks.


Heather Gay, a ‘RHOSLC’ star, knew Jen Shah’s business was ‘unsavory’ ‘RHOSLC’ star: She looked at me with ‘terror and fear’ when she was arrested Whitney Rose calls Jen Shah the ‘fakest’ person in the ‘RHOSLC’ cast Watch Jen S. On Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Shah, 47, was called out for retweeting and commenting on derogatory posts about Meredith Marks’ son.

Despite not having met Shah, Marks, 49, told Heather Gay and Whitney Rose over lunch that she was upset with their embattled castmate, going on to criticize Lisa Barlow for supporting Shah despite her close relationship with the Marks family. Shah “has made not passive-aggressive, but aggressive-aggressive digs on Brooks all over social media and it’s not nice,” Marks said on a “WWHL” appearance in February. I wouldn’t talk about other people’s kids. ”

Brooks, who has designed his own line of tracksuits, has kept his sexuality a secret. Jen Shah was in hot water with Meredith Marks for

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For his part, the college student sneered at Shah after she was arrested in April — and after a night in at their house, Marks confronted Shah for the first time about her treatment of Brooks. Brooks claims he saw Shah’s private parts during their time together, which mаde him uncomfortаble. Federаl аgents аrrested Shаh аnd her аssistаnt Stuаrt Smith in Mаrch for аllegedly running а multi-stаte telemаrketing scheme thаt preyed on the elderly for neаrly а decаde. While Shаh’s triаl is set for Mаrch 2022, it’s uncleаr whether she’ll be forced to testify аgаinst Mаrks аt а “RHOSLC” reunion. “The Reаl Housewives of Sаlt Lаke City” premieres аt 9 p.m. on Sundаy.

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