Jenna Bush Hager’s Heartwarming Tale: Welcoming Her Little Ones with a Touch of Texas, Even Before Birth!


What was the bizarre gift Jenna Bush Hager received when she was pregnant?

Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of former president George W Bush, revealed that she received a bizarre gift when she was pregnant. She was residing in New York City at the time. Hager, who is proud of her southern roots, was baffled by the present she received from her home state of Texas. According to Us Weekly, someone sent her mother, Laura Bush, some Texas dirt. The gift was intended to be placed under Jenna’s bed when she delivered her children in New York City.

In a recent episode of the NBC morning show, ‘Today’, Hager told her colleague Hoda Kotb about the unusual gift. She expressed her surprise and confusion about receiving Texas dirt to be placed under her bed during childbirth. The 41-year-old ‘Today’ co-host, who shares daughters Mila, 10, Poppy, eight, and son Hal, four, with husband Henry Hager, admitted that this gift was not on her baby registry.

Where was Jenna Bush Hager born?

Jenna Bush Hager was born in Dallas and grew up in Austin before moving to Washington, DC, at the age of 19 when her father became the president. She now lives in the northeast, but she makes sure her children get a taste of her home state by sending them to Texas for summer camp.

Despite living outside of Texas, Hager maintains a strong connection to her roots and wants her children to experience the culture and traditions of her home state. She jokes that her kids have picked up some Southern accents from her, especially when she drinks margaritas and listens to Willie Nelson.

Jenna Hager has a solution for the accent

To reinforce her children’s connection to their Southern heritage, Hager playfully suggested putting a recording in their ears while they sleep with the words “y’all, y’all, y’all.” She wants to ensure that her kids don’t lose their Southern accents and the cultural identity that comes with it.

While Hager admits to missing her daughters when they are away at summer camp, she finds great joy in their return. She believes that sending them to camp allows for reconnection and appreciating the presence of her children even more. However, she also shared a humorous anecdote about her daughter Mila confronting her for throwing away some of her artwork.

Overall, Jenna Bush Hager embraces her Southern roots and finds ways to maintain a connection to her home state, even when living outside of Texas.


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