Jessica Simpson’s transformation into a new person: how she overcame her weight and personal issues to make a comeback

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jessica Simpson has made a remarkable comeback in recent years and is now addressing the obsession with her weight with confidence. Simpson discusses the 100 pounds she lost in 2019 following the birth of her three children, Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie. The actress from “The Duke of Hazzard” revealed that in order to undergo this incredible transformation, she visited a nutritionist and changed her eating habits.

This week, the 42-year-old actress and singer spoke with Terri Seymour of Extra to reveal some startling details about her struggle with weight loss. Why are people so preoccupied with your weight and appearance, Seymour questioned Simpson. Have you grown accustomed to it? the singer of “With You” asked. Would any woman?,” she questioned, adding, “I’ve received criticism, and it hurts, but I’ve carried every weight and been proud of it. I made the decision that since everyone was going to constantly discuss my weight, I might as well capitalize on it by turning it into a clothing and acceptance business.

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Simpson was among the first famous people to launch a billion-dollar fashion company at the age of 34 with the Jessica Simpson Collection. She lost the majority of her company in 2015 while struggling with her physical appearance, and she and her mother engaged in a two-year, $65 million legal battle to reclaim full control. In response to a question about her weight loss, Simpson remarked, “I went to a nutritionist, and I needed to get my eating habits right,” adding, “I absolutely feel healthy.”

I’m not sure, Simpson said. I feel like the person I used to be before having kids and before my hormones went berserk. Really, I feel younger. I’m much more energized, and I get to wear all the clothes I’d saved for Maxwell and Birdie but are now in storage. Maxwell has already outgrown me, so maybe Birdie will outgrow them. Her journey has been an inspiration to many because she has been at it for so long.

Jessica Simpson starred in “The Duke of Hazzard” in 2005, and the audience was enamored with her body. Simpson thanked her trainer Harley Pasternak for the transformation during an interview with the outlet and disclosed that she has been following Harley’s Body Reset Diet plan, which calls for three meals per day to boost metabolism. The diet also includes snacks and smoothies. When asked about playing Daisy Duke, Simpson recalled Lynda Carter’s warning to her on the Dukes of Hazzard set. “I will always be Wonder Woman and be compared to Wonder Woman, and that’s what you’re doing here as Daisy Duke,” she declared. Just be aware that “Daisy Duke” will follow you for the rest of your professional life.

Jessica Simpson in 'The Duke of Hazzard'. (IMDb/The Duke of Hazzard)

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