Joe Rogan: If Kaepernick Had Been at His Best, He Could Have ‘Got Away With’ Kneeling

According to Joe Rogan, Colin Kaepernick wasn’t the best in his field, which contradicts his assertion that athletes and artists can get away with more if they are the best in their field.

When Kaepernick protested against racial inequality and police brutality in America by kneeling during the national anthem in 2016, he was still a quarterback in the NFL. Since then, he has been a free agent and has not yet been signed by another NFL team. Colin in Black & White, a Netflix miniseries, recently told his life story.

On the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and his guest Greg Fitzsimmons talked about politics in the worlds of art and sport.

People aren’t as polarized or biased as the media would have you believe, according to Rogan and his guest Simmons during a discussion about whether people generally lean left or right politically.

Using Tom Brady as an example, the most successful quarterback in NFL history, Rogan told his guest, “Most people don’t give a f*** about most of these issues that everyone is freaking out about.” Brady’s support for Trump, according to Rogan, was tolerated because of his talent.

Who cares who he’s friends with? Even lefties who love football would be pumped if he was throwing for Tampa Bay,” Rogan continued. He’s that good, that’s why.

Rogan compared it to when Michael Jackson music plays, adding another analogy. Jackson was accused of abusing children on numerous occasions throughout his life, but was never convicted. Nevertheless, his actions were examined in the documentary Leaving Neverland, which was released after his death.

In response to Rogan’s statement, comedian Fitzsimmons responded, “Not for Colin Kaepernick. There is a claim that he was expelled due to his politics.

Although it is widely believed that the two incidents are connected, it has never been stated with certainty that Kaepernick’s NFL eligibility has been suspended because of his political opinions and protests. Rogan questioned, “So they stopped using him because of his protests?” Fitzsimmons responded, “To some extent, it is quantifiable.

Fitzsimmons clarified that Kaepernick was a “first-rate quarterback,” whereas Rogan had previously acknowledged not knowing how good a quarterback he was.

However, if he were the best, if the quarterback equivalent of LeBron James. I bet he would have gotten away with it if he had just been one of those unquestionable mother****** of mother****** quarterbacks.

The discussion then turned to other quarterbacks, with Rogan mentioning Aaron Rodgers as a friend and calling him a “shockingly smart guy” despite the fact that Rodgers recently came under fire for refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kurt Warner, a former NFL quarterback, admitted to Newsweek in December 2021 that he had evolved his opinion on Kaepernick’s protests over time before the biopic American Underdog was released. “When I reflect on the things I said back then, I realize how much I have grown as a person. I gained a lot of knowledge about those various causes. I’ve learned about some of the things that occur in our society and developed as a result. And that, in my opinion, was the purpose of the entire demonstration,” he said.

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