Key to UK’s diplomatic power is Prince Charming’s awkward encounter

Friday’s awkward encounter with Prince Charles might be the first of many if Boris Johnson defies his detractors and remains in Downing Street for years. Keeping the Commonwealth together and some of Britain’s soft power in the world will be a challenge for whoever is in charge and the future king.

Before it became known that Charles called the plan to send migrants from the UK to Rwanda “appalling,” there was already tension between the Prince and Mr. Johnson. Following a previous meeting, royal courtiers claimed that Mr. Johnson’s tardiness demonstrated a “disrespectful” attitude.

You might be in favor of Charles’ interventions in public life if you share his widely reported opinions on China, political correctness, GM food, farming, architecture, planning, and other topics. Don’t be upset, however, when the heir to the throne returns to lobby government ministers about homoeopathy on the NHS if you applauded him for his views on migrants.

Prior to their meeting on Friday, Mr. Johnson told the media that he would ask Charles to maintain “an open mind” regarding the treatment of immigrants. Then helpers returned, attempting to calm the situation.

Prince Charles insists that after becoming king, he will keep his political opinions to himself. His mother’s popularity is a result of her discretion. Although there is no constitutional crisis, this interference may still haunt him and the monarchy.

In speeches, the Prince has brought attention to issues that politicians have downplayed, such as youth unemployment, the environment, and Islamophobia. But in his covert lobbying of ministers, he is not a regular citizen whose opinions are equally valid.

Paul Kagame, the president оf Rwanda, is repоrtedly upset that the cоntrоversy оvershadоws the Cоmmоnwealth summit in Kigali. I hоpe he reserves such treatment fоr his dоmestic critics and dоesn’t send оne оf his hit squads after the men.

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