Kim Kardashian trolled “one of the Wayans brothers on White Chicks” for having bleached eyebrows and blonde hair.


Kim Kardashian evoked her Marilyn Monroe-inspired Met Gala ensemble on the cover of Interview magazine’s September 2022 issue, flashing her butt in a jockstrap and donning windswept bleach-blonde hair and matching brows. The 41-year-old mother of four made an appearance in the magazine’s American Dream issue wearing Bottega Veneta jeans that were pulled down to reveal her ass against a background of a sizable American flag.

In other photos, she wore a cropped leather jacket and provocatively tugged at her American flag-adorned underwear. In another image, Kim was seen gazing off into the distance while sporting a spiked black Gucci choker and a bright red bodysuit. As to be expected, fans immediately praised, criticized, and made a number of memes comparing her to YouTuber Jeffree Star, the Wayans brothers’ 2004 film “White Chicks,” and even her stepmother Caitlyn Jenner.


Kim K says she has “millions of talents” and doesn’t care what the internet has to say about her.

Kim Kardashian received criticism for donning Marilyn Monroe’s famous gown, saying “she stands for nothing.”

Twitter users reacted to Kim Kardashian’s recent breakup with Pete Davidson by asking, “Why I thought that was one of the Wayans brothers on ‘White Chicks’?” Another user wrote, “This is ‘the new haircut’ after a breakup for rich people.” Some critics made amusing comparisons between Kardashian and her stepmother Caitlyn Jenner. Other admirers claimed that they mistakenly believed she was YouTuber and makeup artist Jeffree Star, with one writing, “Now she looks like Caitlyn Jenner before she was Caitlyn.” “Legit thought this was Jeffrey Star [sic] and was confused why it was in my feed,” one user commented. Jeffrey Star replied back on Twitter, “I don’t remember ever doing this photo shoot. Still confused, but at least I know who it is now,” to which many fans praised Kim’s new look, even as one user wrote, “Did we just go blonde? OMG, I like this look.

Kim revealed her future plans to appear in films during an interview with Interview Magazine, revealing that she has her sights set on a Marvel role. She was asked if she would ever try acting again after her highly publicized stint hosting “Saturday Night Live” in October and her forgettable role in “Disaster Movie.” She responded by stating that she had resumed playing Delores in the upcoming “Paw Patrol” movie.

Would I act? asked Kim. If something enjoyable happened, I would. Perhaps a Marvel film; that would be so much fun to make. Although I’m not actively looking, I believe things just happen when they’re supposed to. In the interview, Kim also said she planned to keep wearing her bleached hair for a while before switching to a darker style in the fall. “I do think blondes have more fun,” she admitted to Mel Ottenberg, the editor-in-chief of Interview. I just sense a change.





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