Kristen Welker’s captivating debut as ‘Meet The Press’ anchor sparks controversy: Trump interview likened to a starstruck encounter!


New York City, New York: A Look at Kristen Welker’s Goals as the New Moderator of ‘Meet The Press’

On Sunday, September 17, ‘Today’ host Willie Geist had former morning show host Kristen Welker as a guest to discuss her goals as the new moderator of ‘Meet The Press.’

Welker, who had hosted the ‘Today’ weekend edition until August 2023, was recently replaced by Laura Jarrett. During the interview, Welker’s response to Geist’s question about the themes she would be looking at moving forward with ‘Meet The Press’ sparked controversy on the internet.

In the clip shared by the official Twitter handle of ‘Today,’ Geist asked Welker what her goals were as the new moderator. Welker replied, “Well, Willie, I’m going to approach this role as a reporter. That’s what’s in my heart and in my gut. That’s who I’ve always been. And that basically means I’m going to continue to work my sources throughout the week.”

She further explained that she wants to talk to a diverse range of people, including lawmakers across the political spectrum, candidates, and most importantly, the voters. Welker emphasized the importance of being on the campaign trail and keeping her finger on the pulse of the questions and issues that are front and center to the American people.

Geist concluded the interview by expressing his excitement to watch Welker get started and mentioned that she would be having an exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump on ‘Meet The Press.’ He also noted that Welker has extended the same invitation to President Biden.

However, Welker’s conversation with Trump did not leave the internet impressed. Criticism flooded social media platforms, with some users accusing Welker of being more like a groupie than a journalist during the interview. Others mocked her performance and expressed disappointment on her first day as the new moderator.

Despite the mixed reactions, Welker remains focused on her goals for ‘Meet The Press’ and is determined to hold elected officials accountable by asking questions on behalf of the American people.

In conclusion, the interview between Willie Geist and Kristen Welker shed light on Welker’s goals as the new moderator of ‘Meet The Press.’ While the internet’s response to her recent interview with Donald Trump was divided, Welker remains committed to her role as a reporter, working her sources, and engaging with a diverse range of people to bring the important issues to the forefront.


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