Lady Colin Campbell blasts Meghan Markle, calling her “narcissistic and exploitative” and “calculating.”


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was recently criticized by prominent British-Jamaican author, socialite, and television personality Lady Colin Campbell, also known as Lady C. She described Markle as “very calculating” and claimed that fame and money were what drove her.


The 73-year-old said during an interview on GB News with Mark Dolan that “she’s very calculating and I think that if he hadn’t been Prince Harry of Wales, she wouldn’t have given him two minutes, much less the length of time she intends to give him.”


According to Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan Markle “plays the race card to get a free pass to behave badly.”

Carrie Reichert, who claims to have kissed Harry, calls him “such a bore” and claims he is no longer the “fun prince.”


Lady C continued, “And see how skillfully she moved him from the royal family to California… She has made it clear that she didn’t want to devote her time or effort to the British people or to helping humanity when she could have served her financial interests in a state where community property is the law and where, in the event of a divorce, she would receive a whopping 50%.


Lаdy C’s response to the question of whether Meghаn wаs devoted wаs, “Yes, of course, she wаs very committed to being self-serving but only self-serve. The public good? Zero chаnce. According to me, everything аbout this womаn is cаlculаted аnd revolves аround stаtus, money, аnd аttention.

Lady Colin Campbell attends Saatchi's first ever all female show to mark the Gallery's 30th Anniversary at The Saatchi Gallery on January 12, 2016 in London, England.

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