Landon Parrott: A 19-year-old Ohio man purposefully left his 1-year-old son in a scorching hot car for five hours so that he would die because “he didn’t want to be disturbed.”


NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO: On September 1, a one-year-old boy lost his life after his teenage father purposefully left him in a car. According to reports, the temperature inside the car reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit while the child was inside for five hours. Later, the Ohio man admitted to killing his child.


According to The Daily Mail, after the man, identified as Landon Parrott, 19, brought his unresponsive son, Kyler, to Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital in New Philadelphia, the police were informed about the incident. The 19-year-old claimed to have only left the child in the car for a brief time to use the restroom. In addition to being accused of murder, Parrott is also accused of endangering children twice. Since 1998, nearly 100 kids in the US have passed away from heatstroke after being left in cars.


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