Lauren Boebert’s Bold Explanation for Theater Fondling Sparks Investigation


New comments from Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert about her now infamous theater date have raised questions on social media

The Republican congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, has found herself in the spotlight once again after comments she made about her recent theater date sparked controversy and debate on social media platforms. Boebert was filmed being escorted out of a performance of Beetlejuice in Denver on September 10, following complaints about her vaping and disruptive behavior. However, video footage that has since been released also showed Boebert engaging in inappropriate physical contact with her date, Quinn Gallagher. These latest comments have only added fuel to the fire and have left many questioning her judgment and behavior.

An Apology and Reflection

Following the incident, Boebert issued an apology on Friday, acknowledging her actions and taking responsibility for her behavior. She expressed remorse and regret for her actions, stating that she has learned a valuable lesson about vetting potential partners and checking their political affiliations before going on a date. Despite the controversy surrounding the theater date, Boebert described it as mostly a lovely time and emphasized that she has now taken responsibility for her actions.

Mixed Political Affiliations

Interestingly, Boebert’s date, Quinn Gallagher, is reportedly a Democrat and co-owner of a bar that has hosted drag shows – something that Boebert has been an outspoken critic of in the past. Boebert admitted to TMZ that she and Gallagher have peacefully parted ways but did not elaborate on the specific reasons for their separation. She emphasized that their parting had nothing to do with the controversies surrounding him and praised him as a great man and a great friend.

A Question of Privacy

Boebert defended her actions during the theater date, asserting that it was part of her personal life and private time, which she rarely indulges in. She expressed gratitude for those who understand the importance of respecting personal boundaries and criticized those who voyeuristically invade her privacy for their own political gain. Some supporters echoed this sentiment, arguing that Boebert deserves the right to her own private life without facing unnecessary scrutiny.

Social Media Reactions

The comments made by Boebert about her theater date have generated significant discussion on social media platforms. Journalist Aaron Rupar expressed surprise at the revelation that it was a first date for Boebert, highlighting the unexpected nature of the encounter. The Republicans against Trump account humorously wrote that Boebert’s lesson from the theater mishap is to avoid dating Democrats. Meanwhile, other users criticized Boebert’s actions, with one user suggesting that she should take the loss gracefully instead of justifying her behavior.

Misunderstandings and Controversy

It is essential to address some additional elements of the incident that have caused further controversy. According to The Denver Post, Boebert and her date resisted being escorted out of the theater by the staff, leading to police intervention. They allegedly made remarks such as “do you know who I am?” and threatened to contact the mayor. Boebert, however, denied these allegations. What is clear is that the incident caused tension and resulted in Boebert issuing an apology, primarily for vaping during the performance.

A Personal and Challenging Time

Boebert’s personal life has also faced obstacles recently, with her filing for divorce from her husband of 18 years, Jayson Boebert. She acknowledged the difficulties of going through a public and challenging divorce, which may have contributed to her lapses in judgment. She expressed regret for falling short of her values, apologized to the community for the unwanted attention, and vowed to reflect on her behavior and strive to do better.

In conclusion, Lauren Boebert’s theater date controversy has sparked widespread discussion and debate. Her comments about the incident have elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some defending her right to privacy and others criticizing her actions. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Boebert’s political career and public image. As the story continues to unfold, many will be watching to see how Boebert handles the aftermath and whether she can regain the trust and support of her constituents.


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