Lauren Boebert’s Failed White House Vetting: Renowned Bush-Era Ethics Czar Underscores Concerns


Former White House Ethics Czar Claims Lauren Boebert Would Not Pass Vetting Process for White House Job

A former White House ethics czar has claimed that Lauren Boebert, the representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, would not pass a “vetting process for a White House job” after CCTV footage emerged of Boebert vaping and apparently groping a male companion during a theater performance.

Vaping and Groping Incident Raises Concerns

The recent incident involving Lauren Boebert has sparked controversy and raised questions about her judgment and suitability for a White House job. CCTV footage captured Boebert vaping and engaging in inappropriate behavior with a male companion during a theater performance in Denver. These actions have drawn criticism from various quarters, with Professor Richard Painter, a former ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, expressing doubts about Boebert’s ability to pass a vetting process for a White House position.

Ethics Lawyer’s Criticism

In a tweet, Professor Painter criticized Boebert, calling her “pathetic” and questioning her ability to pass a vetting process. He raised concerns about what Boebert disclosed on the forms she signed to purchase firearms and whether she provided accurate information regarding her drug use. Painter also drew attention to Boebert’s behavior in movie theaters, suggesting that it may not align with the values expected in a White House job. He indicated that with the Justice Department conducting fact checks on gun buyers, her ownership of guns may lead to further scrutiny of her actions.

Support for Democratic Challenger

In addition to his criticism of Boebert, Professor Painter expressed support for Adam Frisch, Boebert’s Democratic challenger. He highlighted Frisch’s contrasting behavior, emphasizing that Frisch does not engage in vaping or inappropriate behavior in public spaces.

Trouble at the Theater

The incident in question occurred during a performance of Beetlejuice, where Boebert caused a disturbance and was subsequently escorted out of the theater. CCTV footage captured her engaging in conversations and physical contact with a male companion, as well as vaping and taking photos with her phone. Despite being warned by theater staff, Boebert’s behavior persisted, resulting in her removal from the venue, during which she reportedly made an offensive gesture towards the staff.

Apology and Explanation

In response to the publication of the CCTV footage, Boebert issued an apology, attributing her behavior to the stress of a public and difficult divorce. She acknowledged falling short of her own values and expressed remorse for her actions. Boebert admitted that she had been exuberant during the performance and had taken a picture, which crossed the line of acceptable behavior.

Ongoing Developments

Newsweek has reached out to both Professor Richard Painter and Lauren Boebert for comment on the incident. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Boebert’s actions will have any long-term consequences for her political career or aspirations.


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