Logan Paul’s shocking response to Dillon Danis’ unprecedented video ignites a frenzy online, as whispers hint at a mysterious turn of events


Logan Paul speculates that Dillon Danis may be trying to cancel their upcoming fight

In the lead-up to their highly anticipated boxing match on October 14, Logan Paul has raised concerns about his opponent, Dillon Danis, potentially trying to back out of the fight. This comes after Danis dropped out of a previous fight against KSI earlier this year, casting doubt on his commitment to future bouts.

Logan Paul, a popular influencer and YouTube star, has voiced his suspicions in response to a video shared by Danis on Twitter. The video shows Danis in a sauna, lightly striking his head against the sauna’s wooden surface. Paul believes that this behavior may be an attempt by Danis to injure himself and find a way out of the upcoming fight.

The curious video by Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis has a history of canceling fights, and as a result, he faces a significant fine if he fails to provide valid medical documentation for his participation in the fight against Logan Paul. While Danis has always shown up for his scheduled fights in the past, his recent video has caused some concern among fans and fellow fighters.

The video, posted on Twitter on September 17, shows Danis in a sauna, striking his head lightly against the sauna’s wooden interior. The caption of the post reads, “210-degree sauna for an hour with some head conditioning.” This peculiar behavior has led Logan Paul to speculate that Danis may be intentionally trying to harm himself and withdraw from the upcoming bout.

Reactions from fans

As news of the video spread, fans shared their thoughts and opinions on social media. The response was mixed, with some expressing curiosity about the effects of sauna on physical conditioning, while others criticized Danis for potentially endangering his own health. One fan even joked that Danis would need much more than head conditioning to defeat Logan Paul in the fight.

All in all, the speculation surrounding Dillon Danis’ video and Logan Paul’s concerns about potential fight cancellation have added an extra layer of intrigue to their upcoming boxing match. Fans will have to wait until October 14 to see if Danis is in fact fully committed to stepping into the ring with Paul or if there will be further surprises and complications along the way.


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