Madison Beer emotionally reveals her unbreakable bond with brother Ryder Beer: ‘A heartfelt connection I deeply cherish’


Madison Beer Opens Up About Her Complex Relationship with Brother Ryder in New Album “Silence Between Songs”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Madison Beer, the singer-songwriter who gained meteoric fame after Justin Bieber tweeted her YouTube cover of Etta James’ song ‘At Last’ when she was 13, recently gave an intimate interview on the infinite scroll podcast. In the interview, Madison opens up about her relationship with her younger brother, Ryder Beer, and reveals why she dedicated a song to him on her new album.

The highly anticipated second album titled ‘Silence Between Songs’, released on September 15, is a collection of 14 tracks all co-written by Madison herself. Influenced by artists like Tame Impala, The Beach Boys, and Lana Del Rey, the album showcases her growth as an artist.

The Heartfelt Ballad Dedicated to Ryder

One of the standout tracks on the album is titled ‘Ryder’, a heartfelt ballad dedicated to Madison’s younger brother. The lyrics of the song express gratitude to Ryder and offer an apology for how Madison’s career impacted his childhood. With lines like “All that’s unspoken / All the years that were stolen / You were still in that house / I shouldn’t have left you behind,” Madison pours her emotions into the song, thanking Ryder for staying by her side throughout their journey.

Madison reveals that reflecting on her relationship with Ryder as she got older inspired her to write the song. She gained a fresh perspective on their complex connection and realized the impact her actions had on him. She takes accountability for any hurt she may have caused him and acknowledges that she could have been more attentive and inclusive towards him.

Emotional Reaction to the Album

During the podcast interview, Madison shares an emotional moment when Ryder listened to the album for the first time. They were at their childhood home in New York, surrounded by Ryder’s friends. Madison, who usually played him 10 songs when she returned from LA, asked him to come out to the car alone. As she plugged in her phone, the screen displayed Ryder’s name, intriguing him. The song began playing, and Ryder’s reaction was profound. Madison recalls seeing a tear roll down his face as he listened to the heartfelt lyrics that addressed their shared experiences and emotions.

Ryder’s emotional reaction solidifies the profound impact Madison’s music has on her loved ones. It also signifies the depth of their connection as siblings and how music serves as a way for them to communicate and express their feelings.

Madison’s open and honest discussion about her relationship with Ryder highlights the complexities and challenges they have faced together. It also demonstrates Madison’s growth as an artist and her ability to channel her emotions into her music. With the release of ‘Silence Between Songs’, Madison Beer continues to captivate audiences with her talent and vulnerability.

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