Madison Beer reveals shocking truth: Women in music industry ‘indoctrinated’ to perceive each other as ‘adversaries’. Mind-blowing revelations!


Madison Beer Opens Up About the Competitiveness of the Music Industry

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Madison Beer, who gained fame after Justin Bieber shared her YouTube cover of Etta James’ “At Last” when she was just 13 years old, recently spoke out about the competitive nature of the music industry.

The 24-year-old pop sensation, who recently released her latest album ‘Silence Between Songs,’ expressed her thoughts on how women in the music industry are often pitted against each other as rivals.

What Did Madison Beer Say?

In a candid conversation, Beer shared her perspective, stating, “I’ve always felt like that’s so weird, and I hate that. I’ve never looked at other girls, really, as competition.”

She further explained, “Unfortunately, I have met people I’ve loved who don’t support me because they see me as a threat. They think that if I succeed, they will lose. But that’s not how I approach things.”

Despite these experiences, Beer found inspiration in Lana Del Rey, whom she admires for her humility and lack of ego. She stated, “She knows that she’s amazing, but she doesn’t think she’s better than others, and that really inspires me.”

Madison Beer Talks About Misjudgments

In an effort to combat misconceptions about herself, Beer recently released her memoir, titled ‘The Half of It.’ In the book, she confronts the inaccurate judgments made about her character.

Reflecting on this, Beer said, “People have been extremely wrong about my character and who I am as a person. It’s a horrible feeling to know that the version of yourself people talk about doesn’t exist. I wanted to challenge those judgments and make people question their assumptions.”

Since gaining attention from Bieber, Beer has built a successful career, releasing one studio album, one EP, and 22 singles. She is known for her radio-friendly pop vocals.


Madison Beer’s candid insights shed light on the competitive nature of the music industry and the challenges faced by women. Despite the pressures and misconceptions, Beer stays true to herself and finds inspiration in artists like Lana Del Rey.

Through her memoir and music, Beer continues to defy expectations and prove her talent and authenticity. As she navigates the industry, she remains focused on creating music that resonates with her audience and staying true to who she is as an artist.

Madison Beer’s story serves as a reminder that success in the music industry requires not just talent, but also resilience and a strong sense of self. It is crucial for artists to support and uplift each other instead of viewing one another as rivals. With her unique voice and determination, Beer has carved out a place for herself in the industry and continues to inspire her fans.


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