Marissa Perez: The family of a pregnant LA woman, 25, who was killed in a “targeted” drive-by shooting, is calling for justice.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A pregnant LA woman was fatally shot in her car as she and her father were traveling to a birthday celebration.

On December 29, at around 7.30 p.m., Marissa Perez, 25, who was four months pregnant, was brutally shot multiple times, once in the head, close to the intersection of Pioneer Boulevard and Artesia Boulevard. When an unknown driver pulled up next to Perez’s car and started firing, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene. The pregnant woman was taken to the nearby hospital in a hurry, but she passed away from her wounds there. According to her mother, the authorities have started an investigation and think Perez’s death was “targeted.”

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The grieving family of Perez has come forward to ask the public to come forward with any information that might assist in catching the shooter as detectives continue their search for Perez’s killer. He has no right to be on these streets. “He needs to spend the rest of his life in prison,” Sandra Tolentino, her mother, said in an interview with ABC7.


The mother of Marissa Perez demands justice for her cherished child.

Thе distraught mothеr managеd to contain hеr tеars as shе spokе to thе local mеdia with anothеr mеmbеr of hеr family, including Andrеw, thе fathеr of Marissa’s child. 25 was hеr agе. In anothеr fivе months, shе would bеcomе a mothеr. “Shе was еcstatic,” Tolеntino еxclaimеd. Shе was ovеrjoyеd. Shе shouldn’t havе bееn takеn from us in that mannеr. Isaac Tolеntino, Marissa’s brothеr, said, “Shе sееmеd likе a wholе nеw pеrson. I’vе nеvеr sееn my sistеr glow likе that.

Marissa Perez, 25, was four months pregnant when she was barbarically shot several times, including once in the head (KTLV/YouTube)

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