Master the Art of Career Pivot: Unlock 5 Foolproof Strategies for Unprecedented Success


Amid the ongoing debates and uncertainties surrounding the return to work versus remote work, as well as concerns about the state of the economy, there is some good news for individuals considering a career change. The job market is currently strong, which presents a perfect opportunity to explore new and unexpected roles.

In a typical job market, hiring leaders tend to favor candidates with a more traditional background that closely aligns with the job requirements. However, in times of labor shortages, such as the present, organizations are more open to hiring individuals based on their skills and potential, even if their background is less conventionally aligned with the job description.

The bottom line is that now is an ideal time to make a career change.

A Healthy Job Market

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Express Employment Professionals, 62 percent of hiring managers report plans to add workers before the end of 2023, indicating a strong job market. Additionally, executives are optimistic about hiring, with 43 percent of them expecting to increase headcount, based on a 2022 poll by McKinsey.

While there is always competition for the best jobs, the number of individuals who are not currently looking for a new position is 70 percent, according to a report by B2B Reviews. This decline in the number of job seekers suggests that the pool of candidates for the position you desire may be smaller than anticipated.

How to Change Careers Successfully

Changing careers successfully requires more than just deciding to pursue a different path. Here are some intentional steps you can take to increase your chances of success:

1. Make an Assessment

To pivot successfully, it is crucial to first assess yourself and the current job market. Start by determining what you love to do and what you would prefer to avoid. While it may not be possible to find a job that only involves activities you enjoy, you can seek fulfillment by choosing a role that aligns more with your preferences.

Additionally, evaluate your current skills and honestly assess which ones will transfer to your new career and which ones you need to develop. Research the roles available in your desired field to ensure you choose a career path with growth opportunities.

2. Develop Your Skills

Developing skills that align with your career aspirations is essential for a smooth transition into a new job. Not only will this help you hit the ground running, but it will also demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious, committed, and dedicated to your new path.

Consider taking classes, getting certified, or shadowing someone in your desired field to build the necessary skills and show your commitment.

3. Expand Your Network

Expanding your professional network is crucial when making a career change. Statistically, you are more likely to land a new opportunity by leveraging connections that are not as close to you. These “weak ties” often have access to information and opportunities that you might not be aware of.

Attend gatherings and events related to your chosen field to connect with people in your desired industry. Ask your existing contacts to introduce you to individuals in your new field. Additionally, increase your presence on professional platforms like LinkedIn to engage in relevant discussions and expand your connections.

4. Create Your Story

Develop a narrative that explains why you are interested in your new career field and how your core skills and development steps make you an ideal candidate. Hiring leaders don’t have the time to connect the dots themselves, so your resume, cover letter, and interview conversations should clearly articulate your case.

Communicate your passion for the role and emphasize how your transferable skills align with the requirements of the new field. Demonstrate the steps you have taken to transition into the new field, showcasing your commitment and readiness to contribute.

5. Test the Waters

Before fully committing to a new career, it is wise to test the waters and gain practical experience in your desired field. Consider volunteering in your area of interest or taking on a side hustle related to your new career path. These experiences will help you determine if the work aligns with your expectations and provide valuable insights into the future experience of working in that field.

Pay attention to aspects such as the tasks involved, the workflow, and the people you interact with, as they will provide valuable indicators of your future experience.

Forging a New Career Path

Embracing change can be energizing, especially when it leads to personal and professional growth. Now, with a strong job market, is the right time to embark on a new career path. By following the steps outlined above, you can increase your chances of successfully transitioning into a new role that aligns with your aspirations.

About the Author

Tracy Brower, a Ph.D. sociologist, specializes in studying the future of work, work-life fulfillment, and happiness. She is the author of “The Secrets to Happiness at Work” and “Bring Work to Life.” Tracy serves as the Vice President of Workplace Insights for Steelcase and sits on the board of the United Way. She also provides executive advice to several organizations. Her work has been translated into 19 languages, and she can be found on her website,, as well as on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

In conclusion, the current strong job market provides an opportune time for individuals looking to make a career change. By assessing their skills and interests, developing the necessary capabilities, expanding their network, crafting a compelling narrative, and gaining practical experience, individuals can successfully pivot careers and find new and fulfilling opportunities.


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