Max Verstappen says his younger sister possesses the same talent as him but explains why she did not become the first female Formula 1 star.



Max Verstappen, the two-time world champion in Formula One racing, has recently opened up about his sister’s racing talent. According to Verstappen, his sister, Victoria-Jane, possessed the same amount of talent as him as a child and could have potentially become the first female Formula One star. However, despite her potential, Victoria was never as motivated or determined as her brother. Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, who is a former Formula One driver himself, used to take both Max and Victoria to the karting tracks as children. While Max showed immense dedication and drive for the sport, Victoria did not share the same passion. As a result, Max Verstappen believes that his sister did not pursue racing as a career due to her lack of desire and dedication.

In an interview with RaceFans, Verstappen reminisced about his father’s efforts to support Victoria’s racing dreams. There were instances where Jos would spend two days preparing everything for her, just as he did for Max. However, after driving for a short period of time, Victoria would often lose interest and call it quits for the day. This attitude frustrated their father, as he believed that Victoria had the potential to achieve success in the sport. Max Verstappen stated that his sister had the same level of talent as he did as a child, but she simply did not possess the determination and drive necessary to excel in racing.

While Victoria may not have pursued a career in racing, she certainly has found her own path to success. She runs her own clothing brand called “Unleash the Lion,” which she manages in close collaboration with Max Verstappen. Additionally, Victoria is in a committed relationship with Tom Heuts, and the couple has two sons named Luka and Lio. The Verstappen family often attends Formula One races together, showing their support for Max’s incredible achievements on the track.

Max Verstappen’s recent dominance in Formula One has captivated fans and pundits alike. He has won the last ten races in a row, breaking the record for most consecutive wins in the sport’s history. With each victory, Verstappen solidifies his position as one of the greatest drivers of his generation. However, it is interesting to speculate what could have been if Victoria had shared the same level of passion and motivation for racing as her brother. She may have truly become the first female Formula One star and left her mark on the sport’s history.

In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s revelation about his sister’s racing talent sheds light on the potential that could have been. While Victoria possessed the same level of talent as her brother, she lacked the passion and drive necessary to pursue a career in Formula One racing. Nonetheless, she has found success in other ventures, such as her clothing brand, and continues to support her brother’s illustrious career. As Max Verstappen continues to break records and dominate the sport, we can only wonder what could have been if his sister had followed a similar path.


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