Mechanic caught in $3,000 scam after being outsmarted by car owner.


A furious driver has recently come forward to share his experience of being ripped off by a repair shop after paying a hefty $3,000 bill for his Pontiac Firebird repairs, only to find out that the car was still not fixed. The driver, Chris, runs a YouTube channel called Project Blackbird, where he documents the restoration of the 1980s Firebird previously owned by his WWII veteran grandfather. In an attempt to fix the car’s starting issue, Chris took it to a local repair shop and, after weeks of waiting, was presented with a bill for the extensive repairs. However, when Chris tried to start the car, it still did not work. It was then that he realized that the repair shop had not addressed the actual problem but had instead replaced several parts unnecessarily. This incident has sparked outrage among viewers and other mechanics, who have criticized the repair shop’s incompetence and dishonesty.

The Pontiac Firebird, a classic American muscle car, holds sentimental value for Chris as it was his grandfather’s cherished possession. Determined to restore the vehicle to its former glory, Chris created the YouTube channel Project Blackbird to document the entire process. The channel has since gained a steady following of car enthusiasts and fans of vintage vehicles.

Chris’s recent video exposed the unprofessional and dishonest practices of a local repair shop that he had entrusted with his beloved Firebird. The car had a starting issue, and Chris hoped that experienced mechanics would be able to diagnose and fix the problem. However, after weeks of waiting, he received a call from the repair shop, informing him that the car was ready for pick up, along with a staggering bill of $3,000.

Eager to get his car back on the road, Chris paid the bill and anticipated a smooth start. Unfortunately, his excitement quickly turned into disappointment as the car still failed to start. At this point, Chris suspected that the vehicle’s factory anti-theft system, known as VATS, might be the cause of the problem. He shared this information with the mechanic, but his concerns were dismissed. Instead, the mechanic insisted that the key was the issue, even though Chris had already replaced it.

Chris’s suspicions were confirmed when he realized that the mechanic had used a different key to start the car previously. This revelation indicated that the repair shop had not accurately assessed the problem and had simply replaced multiple parts, hoping to resolve the starting issue. The fact that they overlooked the information Chris had provided about the VATS system and failed to read the repair order further demonstrated their lack of professionalism and attention to detail.

Chris’s experience has resonated with many viewers, who expressed their outrage and shared similar stories of being overcharged or deceived by mechanics. The incident has highlighted the importance of finding trustworthy and reliable repair shops, as well as the need for transparency and communication between mechanics and customers.

After months of frustration, Chris was finally able to bring his Firebird home, with the only unresolved issue being the fuel gauge. Despite this setback, he remains determined to enjoy his restored vehicle and continues to share updates and insights on his YouTube channel. The incident has served as a cautionary tale for car enthusiasts and emphasizes the significance of finding reputable and knowledgeable professionals when it comes to car repairs and restorations.


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